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Thread: Tickling make you feel little

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    Default Tickling make you feel little

    Have you ever been tickled and you felt little because of it.
    For me I can't stand it I'm very ticklish, and feel little when it happens.

    Any thoughts, suggestions?

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    Well when I was little (on the outside) members of my family thought it was particularly cute to watch me squirm and giggle while being much so that it was a frequent occurrence... actually I found it more like torture hard to cope with especially when I couldn't help but laugh even though I was feeling tormented inside. So to answer the question, yeah I do feel little with a tiny tickle, but any more and I'm reliving a kind of nightmare.

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    It makes me feel little I am extremely ticklish, everyone tickles me and comments on how cute it is and how I giggle like a toddler

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    I have issues with it. So much so when people learn just how ticklish I am, they get that smile and I instantly become scared of them. XD Sometimes I will even flinch if they get too close and I think they are trying to tickle me.

    The problem is I am so ticklish that you don't even need to touch me. Just point your finger and act like you are going to, and I start cracking up as I begin to think about it.

    So ya, in a way I am with Oxbub on this one. It's fine just too fool around for a few seconds, but after that it really begin to get on my nerves. Sometimes if someone tickles me too much, I may even snap on them.

    In fact, people use it against me all the time. Like they will tell me to do something, and if I say no, then they say they will tickle me. Makes my no into an instant yes. It's such a crappy weakness to have XD.

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    Boy that's kind of bazar but different, How does that make you depressed though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKDL View Post
    Boy that's kind of bazar but different, How does that make you depressed though.
    o.o This is a thread about tickling .. not depression. Where you asking me why I was depressed in the other thread or where you asking the OP?

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    Maybe we'll yea but I don't like it when they don't stop. I think I have to be in the mood to be tickled. Don't think it make me fell little as I am kind of this way all the time.

    I can't remember when I was tickled and was treated like a baby and I'm not a baby anymore I'm a little boy. Sometimes it gets it all wrong.

    That is ok if daddy is just playing with me and he doesn't take away too much.

    He he


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    I get freaked out; start getting flashbacks of Utah whenever anyone puts their hands on me; tickling, hugs, moving in too fast for a kiss on the forehead or something; I'd like to work on being able to let people touch me/not be afraid to touch people. Currently though it freaks me out.

    I was at a party once though, super drunk, really high/stoned, but I didn't have anywhere to go; my parents were out of town so it was party at my place; it must have been during my five days of highschool where I got to be a normal, rowdy teenager lol. But friend Jake knew that I wore diapers; he was chill with it....and he was gay; we kinda had a moment in my big sisters bedroom at a party while my folks were out of town; I was super drunk, really high/stoned and about to pass out and happened to have a very wet diaper on and Jake had me lay down on my sisters bed and....yeah; that was the first and only time anyone's actually put a diaper on me before. Jake had known all about it for a while and knew I had some; the most memorable thing about it though was that he like blew on my tummy; not sure what the word for it is lmao; but I've seen it done on other babies; I've even done it to my nieces; makes them giggle, lol; it made my scream, "OH MY GOD!" and start cracking up; scared the crap out of me lol (not literally thank goodness). Just really took me by surprise but to this day I'm still kinda shy to admit that I loved that lol. XD That's probably the only time I've ever been touched since escaping from Utah that I haven't felt sick to my stomach or punched someone in the face are pulled away suddenly; I feel terrible when I reflexively jerk away from either of my parents when they try to hug me; it's like I'm.....broken.

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