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Thread: Wide crotch diapers

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    Default Wide crotch diapers

    Okay, I read this post here, and was going to ask there, but it's closed.

    In the past week or two, I could have sworn that I read somewhere that there was a diaper with a 14" wide crotch area (? the space between the legs, whatever it's called).

    I might have dreamed it, I don't know, but it's been bugging me for the past few days.

    Is there a new diaper out there with a 14" wide crotch area? I could have sworn it was a printed AB/DL diaper. Maybe I dreamed it like I said.

    --- a little off topic
    I could have dreamed it, I've been stressing out the past week or so with this game I'm working on. So much to learn and having difficulties understanding it all

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    The only thing I can think of is rearz safari. There is nice review here already.

    I don't know if that is what you are thinking of. There are probably other diapers that also have a 14" wide crotch area.

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    Maybe that was it. I can't remember all the details that I saw.

    hmm, would someone happen to know if there is a diaper like that with the wide crotch, but the tops of it is white, like the Teddy Bambino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post
    In the past week or two, I could have sworn that I read somewhere that there was a diaper with a 14" wide crotch area (? the space between the legs, whatever it's called).
    Doesn't sound practical.

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    Idk.. I use to think wider, thicker was always better, but after trying many different brands I have come to the conclusion that it's really fit that makes a good diaper experience, We as humans come in all different shapes and sizes, a medium diaper is made for people with hip/ waist size of 32" to 38" well I'm a 34" waist so I should fit perfectly into a medium right? Well because I'm tall 6ft, coverage from a medium doesn't fit my body well, a medium dry 24/7 gets me close but it's coverage isn't high enough to make comfort zone, a medium Abena m4 rides way to low, a large Abena swallows me whole, my diaper of choice now (fit wise) is tykables size 2, it fits like it was personally designed for me, because the fit is right I don't get leaks, I get good wicking ( some members here complained of sap pooling) I get that little pouch like area at my seat, but leaks guards maintain a tight seal, coverage from slightly below my belly button to the small of my back, what I'm trying to say is that it perfect for my body size, this may not fit right in someone else with similar measurements, I think people need to try as many brands as possible to narrow down what's best for them. Hopefully you find yours

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    The Medium Teddy Bambino fit me perfectly it seems.

    I was just curious about one diaper being that wide. I wasn't really thinking about getting it.

    I know it was a odd and very random question

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