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    So, today was fun. My wife got me to walk outside wearing a diaper and sweatpants and to walk into starbucks and order a coffee and take time to hang out for a few hours.

    I asked my wife if she finds any pleasure in me wearing. I mean, she is very excited about me wearing 24/7 for a week, she's handing me glasses of water to drink to make sure I'm "hydrated" and taking me outside of my comfort limits.

    Ends up, she does have a thing for diapers. She doesn't want to wear but enjoys seeing them on me and the onesies and footed pajamas. She said she feels "good" when she sees me in them, the bulge, the noise, the concept of the whole thing and "forcing" me to wear them. So, I brought up, do you want to change me? She replied maybe. I told her I don't want her to do anything she doesn't want to do but if she likes all those things, maybe she'd like to change me. She said she'd think about it. Well, a few hours later I was grabbing a new diaper and went into the guest bedroom to change and she said wait. Sure enough she came into the guest bedroom and she said she wants to try changing me. Wow that was awkward. She laughed and as well as I. She really got a kick of putting on the diaper and taping them on me. Like she has control. She also enjoyed putting the onesies on me and zipping up my pajamas. Like, I'm her property. She said she didn't care of the cleaning up part but she likes putting them on me. So we decided that she can put them on me but I will clean up first.

    I guess you can say we are finding limits for each other and "roles" for each other.

    I'm so lucky to find a wife that compliments me.

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    so very nice. I'm glad that you two get along like that and have found a common interest while wearing. Maybe, one day, she'll surprise you with her wearing one.

    I'd love to find someone like that

    Off topic, is that your dog in your avatar? Either way, it's a beautiful dog. Love the color mix.

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    Curious if your wife has kids and if not does she want them?

    The woman I was with who was most into it was one who didn't have kids but wanted them.

    Another woman I was with was way kinky but not into participating. It was a 'been there done that' thing for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post
    Off topic, is that your dog in your avatar? Either way, it's a beautiful dog. Love the color mix.
    It's not. I've always wanted a border collie but my wife is allergic.

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    Like the police said to Kyle when they found out his young and beautiful kindergarten teacher was having sex with Ike, "Well, we're just going to have to give you the luckiest little boy in the world, award."

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