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    Default feeding self as a baby

    well i just ate some weetabix, and decided i would eat as my toddler self, anyone else do this..

    i dressed myself in my bib, and placed a large towel on the floor, sit open legged, and place the bowl in front of me, I have three rules..

    1. i can only use one hand.. so no holding the bowl, it goes where it goes.
    2. i use a large wooden spoon
    3. i close my eyes

    the mess that it makes is pretty cool, my bib was covered and so was my face, and hands lol..

    it makes for pretty convincing eating lol


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    Sounds intriguing. I'd have to add/subtract some rules for myself, but it still sounds like something I'd like to try.

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    I like to do this with finger food like fries and nuggets. I don't have any specific "rules" that I follow, but I don't wipe my hands or face until I'm finished. I like to do this at my outside table, because I may wet my pants or nappy while I'm eating!

    Another favourite playtime that involves food with my interest in being little and wetting is ice cream. I like being in my little mindset and feeling the need to use the potty but ignoring it at first, then I'm given an ice cream or Popsicle type of treat, and as its starting to melt, I have to stay outside with it so I don't make a mess. I'll be eating my ice cream, it's dripping on my clothes and ground and getting smeared over my face, but I can't concentrate on finishing it because I need the potty badly. I can't just put it down and go, so I have to finish it first.

    It feels so naughty and little to pee my pants while eating an ice cream! This is something that's fun to do in my swimsuit as it seems more realistic. I've been playing outside and given a treat, but it doesn't really matter if I wet my swimsuit anyway, so if I have an accident it's not a big deal.

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    I'm with you up till the big wooden spoon , I like a regular metal one. Closing your eyes sure is a great way to keep from being to precise -plus I'll add using the 'off' hand, makes an authentic mess. Oatmeal with formula for the milk is the best imo

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    I never really decide to eat as little me or big me. If I am having little time at meal time then I eat as little me.

    When I do eat during little time daddy always has me eat on the floor. We do not have a bib at the moment but I want to make one eventually. I want it to have a vinyl cover so that I don't have to put it in the washer all the time.

    I prefer not to make a mess. My face is the only thing that gets messy. I use a regular spoon and stuff but when I am min my little headspace I naturally get a messy face by the way I eat. I love to eat spaghetti o's when I am little but I eat those all the time anyway. Bottles are mainly what I eat during little time. I have not trie formula yet because there are a lot of things in it that adults need to be careful consuming in that large of an amount.

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    I hear this alot about formula on here, Aside from too much iron (and lots of formula is available either way) what are the specific ingredients that are good for infants but not for adults?

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