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    so i have been looking online for locations to go for a baby break, unfortunately their are two major obsticals,

    1. cost
    2. locations *i live in austria, nearest place is 700 km away, and at 300 euro per night, its expensive

    so i thought of this novell idea, Why no one has thought of it yet i dont know.. The idea is simple...

    If you want a baby break, then you have to give to receive.. What i mean is as follows

    If you want a week as a baby, then you have to give a week as a daddy/mommy.

    so, basically you would meet a fellow AB, and you would swap roles, at the end of a period, Say it was only 2 days, for two days, one of you would be the daddy, and for the next two days the other one would be the daddy..

    What do you guys think. This would alleviate costs, and still allow you to have that all needed break away from the norm.?

    Would this interest anyone here?

    There could be a site set up for this.. where members could give stars/points based on experience, then if someone negates on the deal, they would have a bad rep.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Im thinking of the following..

    Firstly, before a member can take advantage of a baby break they must earn hours.. These hours are earned by becoming a daddy.mommy, brother, carer whatever, for each hour they take care of a baby, they gain one hour for themselves. These hours can be mounted up. and with them hours they can then book their own breaks based on what they want..

    so if you wanted a week as a baby, you would have to earn enough hours to cover that week. which would be 168. An overnight or 1 day stay would be 24 hours..

    Babies would have to provide their own products, Clothing, diapers, food, Or at least cover the costs, Ie food bill, etc.

    Now i know that some people cannot accommodate, so their will be this option too. so a daddy if you cannot accommodate, can always stay at the babies place, to earn the hours..and vice versa..

    let me know what you think, and if this would interest you..


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    It all sounds very fair but I have no interest in caring for or being cared for by someone I don't know well and empathize with. Maybe that will change at some point but just my casual observation of responses on caregiving lead me to think more people consider it highly personal than are free and easy with it. For the people I care about, I don't need accrual, and for those I don't, there isn't anything that would make it attractive.

    Even if I were going to use this with my good friends for some reason, my desire to be cared for is not even with my willingness to caregive. It's more solitary for me, so I'd probably only want 10-20% of my caregiving time reciprocated so I'd wind up banking a lot of hours.

    Lastly, I think we have many different expectations of what we'd like in a caregiving session and this strikes me as difficult to successfully manage fairly with a site. I think making friends (or more) is the best way by far.

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