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Thread: Womb sounds!

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    Default Womb sounds!

    Apparently this is the sound of a womb! Inside the womb! Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds sorta like a washing machine or dryer machine but it really actually seems to relax me!

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    Some of that sound is artificial feedback from the Ultrasound. Still soothing in a way, though.

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    I have a teddy bear that does that sound.
    It's to help babys sleep.

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    I have one that's I guess discontinued now that's from Dex Products. It's oval and half's a speaker and the bottom half is a light with a half moon and stars on it. It's voice activated to turn on when the baby cries and will play the heart beating from the womb for 5-10 minutes and turns on a soft light as well. Runs on 4 AA battories and clips to the crib rail. I have had it for the last 15 years. Love it. The box it came in said the recording was taken directly from the womb with a microphone. It's clear and crisp. But I find my favorite being the ocean wonders crib rail toy. I have the one with the big fish in the center that bends back and forth like it's moving and two pieces of sea weed spin and has lite blue lights that turn on. Love that thing. Just sucks that my cable tv remote is on the same frequency as the ocean wonders remote it comes with so when I turn on or change the channel on my tv the crib rail toy turns on LOL. They have a remote you hang on the nursery door so mommy or daddy can stand at the door and turn on the crib toy from there.

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    That is relaxing. Now all I need to do is play this during a hot bath so that I can experience being in the womb without having to swim around in my own meconium.

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