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Thread: What is your Cloth Diaper washing routine

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    Default What is your Cloth Diaper washing routine

    So I have been cloth diapering for about 9 months. I love it!

    But I am curious on other peoples washing routine when it comes to diapers.

    Do you prep your diaper before using it i. e. Boil it or wash it?

    Do you use "cloth diaper safe" detergent?

    Do you wash it a certain way?

    Personally I have gotten some advice from a huge group of mothers who cloth diaper and they have a huge website all about how to wash them and what detergents are good. They even have an extensive list of the washing routine for each particular washer model. I found it extremely helpful and have had such a great success with cloth diapers because of it. Knowing that a wash routine can make a literally break your cloth diaper experience I wanted to find the best one I could.

    So what do you do for yours?

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    I don't wear cloth too often but when I do, this is what I do:

    After wearing, I throw the diapers outside, if possible. This allows them to dry some and especially keeps the smell out of the house. I live in a single detached home on 1/2 acre so I have no problem with people seeing this. If the weather is such that I can't do the above or I don't feel like it, I just put the diapers in the Utility Room next to the washer.

    I a day or two, I just throw the diapers into the washer with my regular clothes. I use plain liquid Tide and cold water.

    After the wash, I dry all my clothes in the dryer except for the diapers. I then dry the diapers separately. I do this because I use fabric softener sheets with my clothes but don't for my diapers.

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    Yeah you do not want to use fabric softener on cloth. I never wash my diapers with my clothes. If washed together the clothes can have a little bit of a urine smell left behind.

    I leave mine in the bedroom in a basket till I wash them. I wash mine a couple times a week. I actually do two washes. A prewash with just a little detergent to get the initial pee out of it. Then I do a heavy duty cycle with hot water and normal amount of detergent. Then After that I dry the diapers. It is a little more in depth that I described but you get the idea.

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    Lets see, my routine has evolved through trial and error. Currently I store them (dry pail) near the washer and never let them go more than a second day. There's lots of Mom info out there for cloth newbies from the more experienced and like Binkygirl- I've read a lot. Since I'm using the same diapers today's babies do, its all relevant.
    I wear a mix of Snap ez and Fuzzibunz pockets using separate microfiber, microfleece, hemp and regular twill prefold stuffers, plus some prefolds I 'pin' with a size 2 snappi and cover with plastic pants.
    When I wash, all this goes into a toploading machine, first for an initial cold rinse then I add detergent (don't have a favorite yet) as well as any white onesies and set it for a hot wash - heaviest cycle.
    I wish I could line dry at least sometimes but I just can't... so into the dryer everything goes on high heat for an hour, even the Kins lightweight 3 mil plastic pants. With about 6 pairs in rotation I replace 3 or so every 6-8 months and I don't worry about them. I usually have to leave just the twill prefolds in for a second cycle but everything else gets folded and put in a basket to put away. I kind of like the routine and the authenticity of the sights and smells of the whole process.

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    Do you prep your diaper before using it i. e. Boil it or wash it?
    I have boiled hemp inserts to de-oil them and it was even less fun than I thought it would be, right up there with trying to shorten those long babypants snap crotch onesies.

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    I usually wear at night and wake up wet, so I rinse mine out in the shower in the morning since I take my shower then. Then I hang them up to dry in the basement and collect them for the weekly wash. I wash them separately and use Arm and Hammer with Oxi clean on the cotton cycle in a top loading washer. I like a top loader because they use a full tub of water. Then I dry them on the hour, cotton cycle in the dryer.

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    Oxi clean is totally contract indicated for cloth diapers,every time you wash you are killing your diaper more and more.

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    I usually take the wet diaper off and put them straight into the wash machine. I never let them go more then 24 hours and I do them with the regular cloths but run it on the heavy soil setting. Then do everything like the other cloths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    Oxi clean is totally contract indicated for cloth diapers,every time you wash you are killing your diaper more and more.
    Oxiclean is often used to help with stains. You more have to be careful with the amount. Yes washing your diapers does cause them to wear out everything but that is how it is with any clothing item. That is why I am working to have enough diapers to only wash and wear each one once a week.

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    After many years of wearing cloth pin on prefolds, here is my typical weekly washing and storing.
    I use a nice decorated 54qt diaper pail with a carbon filter in lid.It is a dry pail with plenty of room for a weeks diapers.
    When it is time for a wash,I put some vinegar in the washer tub,add any baby detergent...Target has a good in expensive one,normal wash with an extra rinse.Dryer cycle on towel setting...all done.
    Plastic panties do not need washed everytime and do not put them in the pail.If you do wash,wash only and air dry.I like Baby Kins plastic pants as they are soft and fit snug so you know when you are nice and wet.
    Hope this reply helps all cloth babies.

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