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Thread: Favorite thing to be doing if you know your going to mess.

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    Default Favorite thing to be doing if you know your going to mess.

    So, If you know your going to mess soon, be it natural or laxative induced...
    what do you try to move towards doing for when it hits?

    Myself, I like to be cleaning something, doing dishes, folding laundry, something like that when I mess. I always finish my task, even after messing, that way i can enjoy it more after i'm done, with no task to limit my play.

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    I like to be on my way coming home and as I get up to my door I kid my self into thinking I forgot my keys or the keys won't work in the door hehe then when it hits I am all sad for just a minute then I go inside to start the cleanup

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    Playing video games. It is kind of one of those, there goes one of our gta heist team members running off to the bathroom, whereas I just have a smug expression on my face.

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    I have to be feeling little to mess! I usually watch one of my favourite Disney movies & because I'm so distracted by the movie I forget I need the potty! & then I mess "blush"

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    I like being at the library, or in a bookstore. Stacks of book seem to have a natural laxative effect that I wonder if anyone has ever tried to explain.

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    I like to be driving my car. It feels so naughty to be stopped at a signal and filling the back side of my diaper. The folks in the car next to me have no idea that the guy in the Porsche next to them is making a mess in the seat of his pants! And I do so enjoy the feel as the poo forces its way out and fills the void.

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    My favorite thing to do is freak out and realize how nasty clean up would be and use a toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    My favorite thing to do is freak out and realize how nasty clean up would be and use a toilet.
    Shower! job done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yolandi View Post
    Shower! job done!
    Ha, no thanks. If I lived alone, maaaaybe I'd try it.

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    Me too! I don't mess all the time, but do enjoy it occasionally. For me, it needs to be at least semi-accidentally to enjoy it.
    I don't really like just pushing a load out into my pants for no reason, but if I have a genuine need to go, I like to get into my little mind frame of about 10 or so, and become that kid who knows he needs to go, and does plan to, just as soon as he finishes what he's doing. But little me will wait too long sometimes and accidents may happen as a result.
    If I'm not in little mode, but have some private time, I will take some chances. If I have gas that needs releasing, I will give a bit of a push as I do so. I won't try to just mess my pants, but a true accidental "shart" is welcome, where just a little follow through occurs. Nothing makes me feel little faster than having a real minor accident like that. It's like BAM! Oh no! I've just pooped myself a bit!
    The same when I'm in the shower. If I need to fart I'll just put a little more effort into it and see what happens.
    As a matter of fact, I'm about to go for a shower as soon as I finish typing this, and I can feel some gas brewing.....

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