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    This is a funny little (true) story about one time I almost got caught with AB stuff.

    Earlier this year I finally moved out from my parents' house and on my own. I've been living in my apartment for about 6 months now and loving it. I love all the freedom I have like the freedom to discover and explore my AB/DL side. The only thing is, there are no washer/dryer hookups so I've been taking my clothes to my parents' house every week to visit and use their washing machine.

    Well one night I decided I was going to try and stealthily sneak a onesie that I had bought into my pile of clothes and wash it without my parents seeing it. I hid it in a t-shirt and managed to get it into the washing machine without it being seen.

    Now, my mother loves to do things for me. We have a pretty good relationship and she loves it when I come over and visit. So after my clothes got done in the washer, she got up and put them in the dryer for me. I must've been spacing out, cause that was one thing I did NOT want to happen. I realized it a couple of minutes later and I'm like "Oh, crap. What if she saw my onesie?" So I'm sitting there in my parents' living room with the TV on and my mind racing, thinking about what I would say if my mom asked me about it. After a few minutes of self deliberation I decided I would just tell her that they're my pajamas and they're just more comfortable if she asked me about it.

    She never did.

    So I come back thinking about it occasionally, wondering if she even saw the onesie or if she did, if she would ever confront me about it. I'll tell you one thing though: I'm going to be a lot more careful if I ever try that again! That or learn to wash clothes by hand.

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    She may not have noticed that it is a onsie. When I'm doing laundry, my mind is focused and grabbing, folding and trying to get it done. Sometimes, mothers don't want to pry. They accept that you're an adult and you have a right to your privacy. I wish my mom had been like that, but she wasn't.

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    Easier said than done, but I wouldn't give it too much weight. Sure it might have been a little surprising/awkward for her to find, but chances are she probably didn't jump to the conclusion that your ABDL. Being ABDL's, it's usually on the forefront of our minds which is definitely not the case for most non-ABDLs. So unless she had additional reasons to suspect your ABDLism, she probably wouldn't suspect much.
    Plus, as you said:

    Quote Originally Posted by 90sNickKid View Post
    ...I decided I would just tell her that they're my pajamas and they're just more comfortable if she asked me about it.
    which is the truth or probably at least a large part of the truth. And as dogboy said, there's always the chance she may not have noticed it in the first place. I'd say, screw washing your clothes by hands!

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    Good for you for getting your own apartment, but the first question that comes to my mind is where is the nearest Laundromat? If you're worried about getting caught by using your parents washer and dryer, than a couple of quarters could save you a lot of drama. (I'm aware of the possibility that you may have already considered that, I just wanted to make sure the possibility was raised)

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    It's very possible my mother didn't see it or just wasn't paying attention. She likes to have a drink or two when she's not working so it may have helped in that regard. It is a pretty babyish onesie though, with baby dinosaurs printed on the entire thing. She never said anything though so I'm not really sweating it too much.

    I've thought about doing laundry at a laundromat (there's one down the street a ways) but my budget is very small. Doing laundry at my parents' house saves quite a bit of money and also gives me an excuse to visit. :3 I'm the baby of the family (no pun intended) and I have a pretty good relationship with my parents so if I get an excuse to visit them I usually take it.

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    never miss an opportunity for a home-cooked meal!

    I'm going to parents next week, I expect to get stuffed full of home-cooked goodness

    Still working out my plans to maintain my padded state out-of-state. There's a guest room upstairs but the bathroom is downstairs, through their bedroom. Last time I was there, almost every night was 3-4 trips down the stairs and through their room, crinkling as I go. Final night I was padded, zero trips downstairs But this time around I may try to keep my morning wet diapers bagged and sealed for the week I'm there. Disposal is problematic, there's always someone home so I can't use their trash for diaper disposal so easily...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    never miss an opportunity for a home-cooked meal!
    You got that right! I was over at my parents' last night and my mom had bought and cooked a turkey and ended up making a turkey Manhattan for my dad and me. Absolutely amazing. It kinda helps that she's a professional chef too.

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    I am on the other end of the spectrum , I wear at night for bed wetting and spent 2 weeks at my son and daughter-in-laws this summer and managed to get away with wearing every night and disposing discreetly while there. was some nervous about it though

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    Your mother probably never even saw it.

    If your mother is like me, when I transfer my clothes from the washer to the dryer, I very rarely identify the items from the washer. I just grab and throw in the dryer.

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