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Thread: Opposite question: least protection

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    Default Opposite question: least protection

    On this board we talk about the most absorbent and thickest protection. How about the least protection that you are willing to wear and still wet whether on purpose or just in case? When I transition from wearing all day to vanilla boxer briefs, I will wear a men's guard just in case because I have been so used to just go and I am been caught off guard with urgency that lasts till the next day.

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    Since I don't need diapers to keep my pants dry, they're just for looks and feel. Depends Protection with Tabs are the thinnest that make that grade. I do use them but I pick the time and place and frequently change after using those since they're not the best capacity.

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    Default depends

    Depends are thin, but they seem to have decent protection. Why are you looking for least protection?

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    Any no-name store brand works for me.

    An interesting discovery was one day after completely soaking a thin diaper, I sat down on the ground. The feeling of the squishy diaper was, well, awesome.

    Once again, I've said too much.

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    To clarify, what I meant to ask is "what is the most discreet protection" that you use? Has anybody used the belted undergarments or guards/liners for occasions when you don't/can't wear a diaper but think some protection should still be worn

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    Depends on your body. Depends have the least capacity, but if they are still sold, that means lots of people like them.

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    Depends briefs do the job for me. If I just let go with a full bladder, they just flood instantly and leak everywhere, but if I control the flow, and let out little squirts and dribbles a bit at a time, they hold quite a decent amount. You have to be careful though, and make sure they're pulled up properly and not sagging in the crotch.

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    I have a lot of guards that I wear just for the feeling. The one I wear most often--and the ONLY one I've ever bought a case of--is the Seni Man Fit. They're not as discreet as something like a Depend Male Guard, but they feel great and they hold a pretty good amount! When I travel, I will often wear a Depend Real Fit--again, just for the feel.


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    So, you wear the Seni Man Fit in your underwear...whereas the Depend Real Fit is a pullup?

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    I bought and used Attends briefs. I like the feel and as long as you don't soak them, they are pretty comfy. I used them as a diaper and not only did they hold a before-I-go-to-bed soaking, I woke up and soaked them some more. No leaks! I'm just finishing up a package of Target Up and Up brand of briefs. They are thin yet hold a morning flood quite well. If you push the limits on them, they do leak around the leg cuffs. Depends are OK, but seemed to bulk up too much for my taste.

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