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    Default It's all about me!

    Hello everyone!
    It's nice to finally have some people to mingle with that share this interest. I'll keep this short for all you tl;dr's
    I'm kind of a veteran of these feelings. I've loved everything diapers since as long as I can remember, and ever since I did my first internet, I realized I wasn't alone. I'm primarily a DL, but every now and then I throw on a onesie and drift off to sleep feeling cozy as ever.
    I guess I wear as much as possible. I just had almost a whole month of a 24/7 lifestyle and while I have found some things not so fun about it (and though my gf wasn't too excited about it) , I'm looking forward to my next shipment to continue. Idk how many people can share this with me, but I have a little bit of a weird interest to wet the bed at night. It sometimes feels like I don't get a full night's sleep when I have to wake up and go hours before my alarm wakes me up.
    Mostly, I have used this site to lurk around the review threads to figure iut which diaper I should buy next. Hopefully now I'll start contributing to the ab/dl conglomerate :p In the end, if I can chat with other like-minded people, I'll say my time on this site was well spent
    Alright, so this wasn't short, but hopefully it gave anyone reading this some insight, information, or laughs Diaper on!

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    The more the merrier. Welcome to the madhouse. All of your feelings seem totally in line with the community here. You will fit in just fine.

    Most importantly, have fun and don't take things too personally.

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