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Thread: Spouses and Changing

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    Default Spouses and Changing

    For all of my fellow incontinent folks out there, does your spouse (or significant other) help you change your diaper?

    My wife is amazing and has been great about me needing to wear diapers, but she doesn't really help out at all. I am ok with this 99% of the time. Every now and then, I have to admit, it would be nice to have a little bit of help

    Just curious how other folks approach this...

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    Well My SO does change me sometimes. Not as often as I would like but I can deal with that. I rarely ask for him to change me so it only happens when he offers.

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    No, but if I needed her to, I know that she would.

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    my wife will change me if she I go to bed first and she discovers that my diapers is all ready wet. If she has time in the mornings before she runs off to work she will change me after many years its doesn't faze her if i am messy in the mornings she will just tease me and tell me what a messy and stinky little boys i am.

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    Sometimes she will offer, most of the times not... I change myself. I try to do this where she does NOT see me, although there have been times when I changed in front of her while in bed. She doesn't make anything of it. She knows it's what is best for both of us! We don't make a big deal out of it 99% of the time. The other 1% she will offer to put one on me before bedtime... you'll find (hopefully) that they will get just as much joy out of this as you do!

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    My boyfriend and I talked and he's recently started changing me.

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    im fully bowel and urinary incontinent. MY spouse helps only if we are out and about and if i had a bowel movement.

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    I have never asked my my wife to help change my diaper nor have I been changed myself in front of her. she told me that it was no big deal to her if she should see me change, though she's not actively trying to see me in the act of changing which I'm thankfull is a private business.

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    My wife has helped me put on a diaper a few times when I had my surgery and could not bend but she has never had to change my diaper she would in a heartbeat if I needed her to. The good thing is I only have an OAB issue so clean up is no issues between changes.

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    I never go #2 in my diapers, but I do suffer from nigh and day time incontinence. Pee diaper - she would change without a problem for me. She knows how much I like the attention and she also has fun and gets her kicks out of it as well. We definitely have fun with it! However, I mostly change myself in private and always make sure nothing is showing, using the right diaper for the right time of day. I will ask (depending on the occasion, etc.) if she minds that I put on my night time diaper in front of her while in bed, and she usually says 'not at all'. I think she gets a big kick out of that too.

    My only advice to everyone out there regarding this "significant other diaper integration" would be to take it slow. Pretty much on her own time. One thing I remember my wife telling me when first married is that she felt embarrassed for ME.

    So lots of ways to look at it, slice it, etc. I say, bring it up slowly and see how it goes over time, pushing for increased visibility but at a gradual pace.

    She'll have you in bed, with your legs up in the air before you know it!

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