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    I'm wondering if anyone can give any insight/experience to using a cloth diaper over a disposable to prevent leaks. I have been using abena m4 and they are a great diaper for any normal use but I really enjoy soaking diapers to the max on occation (usually doubling up and cutting holes). I would like to find a way to prevent the small leaks around the legs and bum that occur before the diapers are saturated. I wondering if putting a cloth diaper overtop would make much difference or soak right through. Maybe a cloth a size larger that has elastic gussets, or maybe just plastic pants with really light legs? Any suggestions?

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    Plastic pants over your disposable will provide a little bit more protection. If your pee pools outside your diaper in the crotch of your plastic pants, it will wick through the leg gathers unless the gathers are wrapped with the plastic of the pant (so-called comfort style plastic pants). A cloth diaper over the disposable will greatly expand the capacity, so long as you don't mind the extra bulk. Just be sure to cover it with plastic pants or other waterproof barrier and make sure all the cloth is tucked inside your plastic pants.

    The best solution, in my opinion, is cloth lined plastic pants (typically flannel or terry). These are designed, at least in part, for extra protection when worn over disposables. The better designs have separately sown leg gathers for the lining and plastic pant. This helps reduce the chance of wicking.

    Happy wetting!

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    I do occasionally wear my cloth over a disposable just to have extra protection, all my cloth were custom made and will fully contain a disposable as a extended toss away soaker. It works very well when needed.

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    I wear cloth over Goodnites and plastic pants over the cloth diaper. I never leak, even through the entire night.

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    Hey everyone should have bed protection and should test it out every now and again.

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    I have the same problem with leaks out the top of the waistband.

    Have not solved this without a cloth pre-fold and plastic pants but it is too bulky for me.
    I think I need a soft, adjustable, absorbent, waist-belt that I could put on before , or even after a diaper and slide into the waistband, that would then catch any topside leaks.

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