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    Wink Waiting For UPS

    I'm sitting here on the site and playing some Counter Strike, every once and a while looking out side.. Today is the day that I have been waiting for!! I have always wanted to buy adult diapers, good ones, that aren't pull up like the depends I have now. I ordered some from Bambino and they are out for delivery! I'm excited!!!!!

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    You'd better wake up wet Tuesday morning or we'll be disappointed in you!

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    Unfortunately I don't wear while sleeping. My girlfriend and I are all new to this and are trying to work out where she is and isn't comfortable with. She says when we are in bed, that's our time to snuggle and what not So I respect her in that and don't wear... But I have today and tomorrow off so you can bet Ill be wearing all day tomorrow. Today too if they get here on time.. Still waiting.. I haven't gotten UPS here since I've moved so I don't know the time they usually deliver.

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    right now I'm wearing the Bianco, so they are all white but I have some Classico and the teddy ones.. Bambino.. they are a lot different then what I'm used to.. The only thing I can really get in store around here is Depends pull ups, they are thin.. absorbent but not the bulky that I like. So I normally wear two at a time lol. these are much better. it will take time getting use to though. First tab diaper ive ever worn

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