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Thread: I'm trans.

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    Red face I'm trans.

    I'm finally understand who I am, I'm a female, I'm more comfortable in female clothes than I am in male clothes, I feel female, I feel comfortable being female, It's who I am inside.

    I'm just have to understand my inner self better, I'm going to consider transitioning, but I'll have to get comfortable before I start doing so, maybe 2-3 years, its very distressing being in the wrong body, its like having the wrong arm, its just there and is alien to the rest of your body.

    Just feels so right you, its a feeling you can't describe.

    I noticed I was trans by accident around 13, but I could never understand myself, and just shrugged it off and ignored it.

    I know that there is nothing wrong with being ab/dl or trans, the problem is society there is nothing wrong with me, I am me, trans is who I am I supposed ahaha.

    I know this might sound crazy, but I'm going to wear 24/7 public restrooms are discusting, plus I don't have to worry too much about gender bathrooms etc.

    Right now I want to wear a nice pretty pink dress, as it will make me feel me, yeah its weird to explain the feelings, I love girly things.

    Diapers help a lot with my feelings, as it hides my private area, makes me feel more of a female for some reason, I love wearing pink diapers, there so amazing <3

    Thanks for the support guys and girls <3

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    I'm glad you have been able to figure out and accept yourself, society still has a hard time with transgender people, but It seems like the awareness and acceptance is working its way up. A little while ago, my best friend came out to me as trans, she plans on moving to California soon so she can go through the changes without having as much social pain as she would here in Utah, her family are especially against believing being trans is a real thing, so she has to go so they don't find out.

    Have you been able to talk to anybody close in your family about it, or friends? It is usually helpful to have supportive people around you, if you don't have anybody, it could be a really good idea to find a local LGBTQ group.

    I wear 24/7 out of choice, it is really nice, but a lot of work sometimes. I am sure you will enjoy it, if you have any questions let me know.

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    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by mantlepython View Post
    Thank you
    Even being trans, is a lot of work... though, being truly yourself is very rewarding!

    It's good to see that you seem to be keeping your wits about yourself too...

    Take good care of yourself... we're here for you too!

    My best,

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    Awesome! Glad you found this part of yourself. =)

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    I remember the first time I figured out that I was trans. Everything just clicked and made sense. All the times I would think back on the past and the things I thought about or would do. My worries and concerns, the way I acted, my likes and dislikes. I had always been seen as feminine, and practically everyone in my family assumed I was gay long before I even really knew anything about that stuff. I even began to remember things I had forgotten. My jealousy of my sisters through out growing up. It's pretty crazy.

    It's a great feeling to figure something like that out as it feels like a great weight lifts off your shoulders because you finally understand yourself a whole lot better. I found it was one of the main steps into actually liking who I was.

    However, being trans does come with a whole lot of problems as well.

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