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Thread: (UK) Newly available nappies and changed deliveries

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    This is exciting! The iD Expert Belt is now available on, it is cotton-feel-backed but because the Tena Stretch is exclusive to America it's now nice to know there's a UK avay' alternitive if you're the sort of person who'd always wanted to try a nappy like this.

    Moving - who are usually really great - still aren't stocking iD Expert Super Medium Slips (the white and green ones!), are selling them but in a change to what's been available previously you can now only buy in case orders of two...single bags of 28 are no longer purchaseable. Finally a word of warning! Don't be hasty! iD Expert now do 2 versions of the Expert Super Medium, one P-B and one cloth-feel-backed! I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong ones!

    These are just some things I've noticed online relating to us ABDLs that I think should be highlighted...and I'm helpful like that! bringmechristmassunshine

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    The packs are still available on Incontinence Shop. Ontex only makes cases with packs of two which is why the case only has two packs in it - it's mainly because the packs are quite big and it's a fairly old way of manufacturing them which is why the packs are so long. You do have to be a bit careful of which one you are buying, but we try to make it as clear as possible. Just make sure if you are wanting the plastic backed product you make sure you select 'PE Backed'.

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