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Thread: Hello, Hi, Hey

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    Default Hello, Hi, Hey

    Hello, im Bill14 and id like to say hi.

    Ive been looking around the forum for a while, feeling nervous whether or not to post but i finally decided i better.

    Id consider myself a tb/dl

    Id seems like a really good community here

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    ^ Ive just realised it says "Lurker" under my name and i apoligise if ive worried anyone or anything. I just felt abit worried about posting and paronoid about parents finding out etc. Im glad ive joined now tho.

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    Actually, lurker is the first title you get here when you register, so dont worry. It's not like you've done anything wrong. To become a regular (aka Member) you need 7 posts and 1 week membership, or 1 positive rep. I think.
    But leaving that aside, Welcome and Have a good stay.

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    Hi Bill welcome read the post and pop in the chat room you will make lots of friends here.

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    yay! more brits =P

    Welcome Bill, hope you enjoy it here - It's kinda hard not to if you stick around and get used to the forum =)
    And there's a lot of us in the same situation with parents finding out about this sort of stuff... have a look at the wiki pages ("answers wiki" @ the top of the page) - they offer loads of advice on maintaining your privacy on adisc, as well as loads of other stuff you might find useful ^^,

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