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Thread: Leaking while laying on my back (male)

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    Default Leaking while laying on my back (male)

    I slept (or at least tried to) in diapers for the first time a couple days ago Even though it was pointing straight down, some of the pee went up and down the sides of the diaper (at the wings(?)) and then out the back, if i wet fast enough. Luckily i had a pad under the sheet. I've experienced this before while laying in the couch, but only if i lay completely flat. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, do you have any tips on how to solve this? I would just really like to be able to flood in bed. I wore an M4 btw.

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    This happens to me as well sometimes, and unfortunately I haven't found a way to guard against it reliably...other than to avoid flooding.

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    You'll "forward flood" if you don't leave a channel in the crotch of your diaper that runs front to back. Your scrotum is probably firmly pressing against the padding in your diaper and there's no easy route for the urine to flow to the back of your diaper, short of trying to run around the sides (which will leak terribly!) You need to fold a crease down the centerline of the crotch front to back, so your diaper gets a "V" profile to it, leaving an open gap down the middle.

    This issue of "leaving a channel in the crotch" has come up in several recent threads, I should take some pics to make things more clear...

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    Hereís a video on forming the channel or as they say gutter in a brief. Itís directed at Northshore Supremes, but is applicable to all.

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    I've found 3 things that can cause that for me.
    First, having the diaper in a "^" shape instead of a "U" between my legs. while the
    "^" feels more comfortable when dry, its going to leak.
    Second, Flooding. Elsa tells us to Let it go, Let it goo-o... but that will cause a leak. Learn to relax your bladder without putting any pressure into your stream, and give the padding a chance to absorb it.
    Third, Size matters. I'm a 32" waist, so pretty clearly a medium. However I wear large. One of the reasons is the use of wider padding that also extends higher in the front and back More padding means more surface area for absorbing things, so fewer leaks.

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    I was just going to suggest that you may need to order larger diapers, i generally use large myself, but recently bought some mediums, and i have had leaks all the time, especially when lying, because of the tightness, the liquid doesnt get chance to absorb, so build up and once it reaches a certain point, gravity will pull it down the sides of the diaper, which is where you get the leak..

    If the crotch is too tight this will happen..


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    Thanks everyone I've never thought about how the disper is folded in the crotch, but it has definately not been a simple V-shape. I'll try the V the next time i get an opportunity I doubt that a size large would be better (i wear medium):/ I tried a large tena slip super and it was huge, i could'nt even get it tight at the legs at all. A medium M4 or Molicare super plus goes to my navel or just a bit over so i think that's perfect actually.

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    I 2nd the prepping of the diaper before putting it on , fluff the padding just a bit and then crease it in the center into the v, as said before. Also floods just are overwhelming most of the time. learn the rate you can safely release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBxx View Post
    Here’s a video on forming the channel or as they say gutter in a brief. It’s directed at Northshore Supremes, but is applicable to all.
    I try to keep my mind out of the gutter, but it doesn't always work out

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