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    Hi all! My name is Jenn, my boyfriend is DiaperLines. I was recently introduced to this ABDL thing. I remember when my boyfriend told me he was into wearing diapers. He was very nervous to actually admit that he was into diapers, so he told me that his fetish started with one of the letters from A-E in the alphabet, my mind definitely wondered from the words apples, to beeswax, then the word dominatrix popped into my mind, which honestly would have scared me. So when he shyly said the word "diapers" I was relieved but curious. Since I'm a nurse I dealt with my fair share of diapers, but I didn't understand how they could bring pleasure to anyone. So I had to ask all of the questions that anyone who doesn't understand something normally would, like how long have you liked this, how does it make you feel and why, etc. when he explained it to me, it made sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is, that this is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you trust someone and feel the need to tell them, then do so b/c everyone has their own insecurities also if someone really cares about you then they'll try to understand where you’re coming from. Just be up front and honest with people. when my boyfriend told me, i can honestly say that it made me love him more, b/c it felt good that he could open up to me and be able to tell me something that he feels ashamed about. To me it was a form of him showing me that he cares.

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    You and Diaperlines should make sure Peachy/Martin/Charlie know that you're different people. That's why your name is like that (more than one account from same place). After you clear that up, you should be good. I'm glad you two have a good relationship :3

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    Cool, you sound like not a bitch. In fact, you sound like a really sweet girl. It's good that you care enough about your boyfriend to come here. We like normal people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dethklok_still_rules View Post
    We like normal people.
    We do? Should I leave, then?

    And, hi! I'm not a dl myself, but I'm "mommy" to one of my friends.

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    Hi, Jenn! Great to finally see the famous girlfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesmerale View Post


    You're more my mommy than the real one is. And I've said it to her face.
    I know.
    I put it in quotes to keep from confusing her, honey.
    She's new to this, she said that. You don't want her to think that I'm your biological mother, do you?

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    Excellent introduction. And welcome to a fellow nurse. Feel free to join the health care workers social group!

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    Sounds like you and me have a lot in common, I'm not a *B/DL, but have somebody I hold very dear who is *B/DL. Feel free to message me or whatever. *snip*

    Put your e-mail in your profile
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