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    I am a little embarrassed! I had to call Amazon about an order (I get all my ABDL stuff from there.) I had to call about a green screen that did not come! So what happened is they started repeating my order history. They started reading... Baby Pants Pacifier, Abri Form Brief, Mulsin GREEN screen... What would you think if someone ordered a pacifier and diapers and you weren't and ABDL? I'm a little embarresed would you?
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    Probably but then again Amazon sells many, many embarrassing things. So their customer service people are like cashiers in a walk-in store - they are too busy doing their jobs to worry about it.

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    Yeah, it would be embarrassing, but there are things that could lead them away from immediately assuming you are AB/DL or whatever they might assume. Meanwhile, if you are the guy calling customer service for amazon and they repeat back that your ordered a butt plug and handcuffs or something, well, that would be a little more obvious. At least with a pacifier they can assume that maybe you bought it for your hypothetical child. Or maybe you are into drugs, whatever kind it is that makes your teeth chatter, main thing being, there is still some mystery.

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    At least you were on the phone, you could have been in person somewhere and that would have been worse.

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    Things were made to be bought. They probably had a laugh over dinner, or in the lunchroom. So what?

    I get occasional calls from HDIS wanting to know how my pullups are working out, and whether I want to order more at great discounts. At first call, I was surprised, and more or less answered generically, as if i was still taking care of an invalid, as i once was. Second call I was matter-of-fact, saying things were fine, and that "I" liked the product. . Third call I was ready to order, and did, leaving no room for ambiguity anymore. These were for me, not my wife, and not for the invalid anymore. Fourth call I was looking forward to, and doubled my previous orders, including a new pair of Salk's (protective pants).

    They were all very happy to be of help, and happy for the additional sales. Remember, these people are in the business of selling incontinence products, so, we could all finally be honest about why we were communicating. Do I tell them I'm a DL?? Of course not. Why ruin a good relationship? I like diapers. I like the ones I get from them. Period. End of story.... or is it?

    At the OP:
    Then there's always the "great Halloween costume" story.... Get creative, and start liking the skin you're stuck in! You're alive! You're breathing! We worry WAY TOO MUCH about what others might think. Your Amazon lady might go home and ride a cucumber, banana, or a zuccini, right? Think her grocer cares? Not likely.

    And to the generic YABDL, stop thinking about the older crowd as creepers. We're like you, with 40 years of experience & wisdom...
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