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Thread: ABU Announcement!

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    Default ABU Announcement!

    So ABU had sent out an email and a tweet about an announcement for today, here is a link to the twitter page with the announcement

    They just announced the announcement and I am posting said info here:

    -To start with the space diapers are back in stock!

    Two new products now, three coming soon.:

    1. ABU simple diapers - same build as space diapers but there are no graphics on the diapers. Link to diapers:

    2. ABU diaper stickers - stickers to put on your diapers that seem like they will take up the whole front of the diaper. ABU recommends pairing with ABU simple diapers. The stickers are $15 for 10 stickers, 5 of two different designs. 5 designs in total. Link to stickers:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-ymGIUYAUW-ON.jpg 
Views:	3916 
Size:	46.9 KB 
ID:	25042
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-zY4UVAAg2xCp.jpg 
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ID:	25043
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-z6fLVAActuMc.jpg 
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ID:	25046
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-z6k9UEA446gg.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-z6p6U4AAj_V0.jpg 
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Size:	59.6 KB 
ID:	25048

    3. LittlePawz are here!!! Photos on abu twitter ( Available for order december 23rd, will ship january 4th.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-xIcdUAAALb10.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-xNpPUYAgXL-8.jpg 
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ID:	25045

    4.In February of 2016 SDK 2.0 and Cushies 2.0 diapers will be launched.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CV-x3CQUYAUGTZ_.jpg 
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ID:	25041
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yolandi View Post
    Those diaper stickers are adorable!
    They just posted pics of the stickers on diapers to twitter!!! They are so cute!

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    That so awesome. The stickers look so cute!

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    Omg! awwwe! those LittlePawz diapers are so adorable!

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    There's another thread that mentions this but it probably deserves a thread of its own. The basics don't seem to be linked from their main page so you will need to use the above url for today I think. They look like a space diaper but flat white. The pull ends of the tapes are light blue, which we're fairly used to seeing. BUT notice you will see a bold black "ABU" logo on the left and right far sides of the wings. I understand you'd like to logo your product, but bear in mind that there are totally plain white alternatives available for those that don't like to see logos or print on their diapers. (Tykables Tighty Whities) That may be a deal breaker for some. Buntewindel got panned pretty hard for their shipping diapers with logos on them, although the preview images they posted didn't have the logos!

    An 80-ct case of size Large is $150 shipped. $1.87/diaper is okay for a premium diaper, and is pretty unusual for a new release premium diaper. yays!

    I have some feedback on the order process:

    - after making a selection and adding to cart, it stops saying how many and what size. it just says what variety of diapers. Quantity's not hard to guess you got it right just based on the price, but there's no way to verify you picked the right size. And ordering the wrong size really sucks.

    - after picking the shipping option and country/state, there's still no delivery time estimate. I'm leaving town next Saturday, these need to be HERE by next Friday. All I could do was leave a note at the bottom saying either hold or cancel it if it won't be here by next Friday.

    - MOST online stores have a final "confirmation" page that you go to after entering your payment information and hitting the continue button at the bottom. ABU's storefront immediately checks you out when you hit the button below the credit card fields. If you can enable a confirmation page, I'd suggest doing so. You could just display the information that appears later on the "print receipt". Not only would that let you make one last look at your order before submitting it, but that page actually shows you what you ordered in detail. (ie "basic 48 ct lg")

    To compare, I also just ordered a case of Idyl from DiaperConneseur, and their storefront avoids all three of the above issues. I got a comprehensive product description throughout the check-out process, was given a ship time estimate ("3-4 days") before I committed to placing my order, and was given a final confirmation on my order before it was placed.

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    Not sure about the littlepaws thing. They don't look all that thick from the photo but I admit it's hard to tell. If it's similar to a tykables overnight I'd be fine with it, although preferably it'd be Bellissimo-level thickness.

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    I'd also like to say the idea of the basics and the stickers is brilliant! I don't care for them personally, but this is an incredible solution to the problem of "our customers want a variety of different patterns but stocking many different models is really expensive". You stock one model (the basic white diaper) and stock a bunch of much less expensive, smaller items that can be bought a la carte, that turn them into whatever the customer wants. It allows you to carry a huge inventory of everything everyone wants, instead of having to hold a vote or something and produce only one or maybe two models and leave the rest of the customers not getting what they wanted.

    (and at the same time, some of us can have the plain white diaper we want too)

    Thinking outside the box like this is what makes a good business great, keep it up!

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    Wow that's pretty neat, glad to see more products from them

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