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    I have read on here many a times, about the call of diapers, and the sexual pleasure that it brings on many people, but sometimes, i believe that their is more to diapers and AB things than people make out.. Let me explain.

    in 1983 at the age of 8, i was admitted to my local hospital, into a children psychiatric ward, for assessment. I spent 5 months on the ward. being assessed by professionals from all over the UK. At the end of the 5 months the diagnosis that was given to my parents was as follows.

    Your son is an 8 year old boy, with the mental age of a 2 year old, who is trying to act like an 18 year old.

    Now, this was way before my love of AB things made an appearance, so what does it mean.. According to what the psychologists said i had the mental age of a 2 year old. (my current AB side), did my mentality stop improving once i hit 2, am i still of the mind of a 2 year old, Acting like an adult.?

    There is one thing which happened to me, in 1982 when i was 7, I was a bed wetter, every night, my grandmother used to belt me every morning, for it. Accusing me of just looking for attention. Anyway, on the 27 December of 1982 (i remember it well and still have nightmares now of it) i was called and forced into a baby diaper, in front of family and friends, and made to sit in a pushchair. All because of my bed wetting, i was constantly told i was a baby, i was made to wear the diaper all night. (i desperately tried to poop that night, to teach my parents a lesson, but i couldn't. i knew i would get into serious trouble. but i just did not need to go).

    Anyway.. another idea, was did this event cause me to step back in my mental state, Did the constant reminder of being in a diaper like a baby, turn my mental state back to that of a two year old, or is the two year old, from when i was actually 2. in other words, is my affliction for AB stuff, medical, psychological or something else.

    Please be aware, i am not sexually active, i don't masturbate, and i do not like sex full stop.

    There are a lot of questions i have regarding this, but no answers, i was debating writing a book, about my life, about my AB side, one that covers my mental state, and how life has lead me to this moment..

    What you guys think.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Child abuse can cause a kid to regress and make them function at a lower age due to trauma. I read it can even lower IQ and cause academic issues and life time problems and even create disabilities in the child. It like rewires your brain. But yet it also makes them think more maturely in ways because of the abuse like you were trying to act like an 18 year old.

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    I have been to Psychologist and such many times throughout my life, they always said I was a 40 year old man in a kids body. I never "fit in" with kids my age past kindergarten. I've always acted like an adult, even when I was 6-7. I was enrolled in a school for gifted children and did that through high school. Graduated college in a few years with two degrees and now I am retired.

    I think it has to do with the fact my dad has PTSD from his time overseas and my mother is a functioning alcoholic. They are both successful people in there work environments, but I was left to take care of the home.

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    I think babylea, that you have a lot to write about. You should read "Girl Interrupted" before you start. I was Borderline Personality when young and spent some time with a psychiatrist when in college. Part of your problems sound like they're connected to child abuse. I was abused as a child, not from my parents, but from other kids. I grew up in rough neighborhoods. It's difficult to assess the kinds of psychological damage is done to us during our early years, but there are reasons why we are attracted to diapers and things related to babies, as well as other psychological differences.

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