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Thread: abu announcement? any guesses?

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    Default abu announcement? any guesses?

    Abu said they are making an announcement later today, anyone have any guesses as to what it is going to be?

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    Almost certainly. They said that Little Pawz would be out around January. Perhaps they're early?

    Come to think of it, they mentioned a plain white version of the Space would be out around the same time.

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    That is probably it, i do remember them talking about a plain diaper

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    I thought I saw a post on their twitter saying there was going to be an announcement today (Friday) at 3pm pst, but when I look now the newest posts are dated sept 24... so either I'm not doing it right (very possible) or they removed some posts.

    At any rate, that's in 17 minutes, so we'l see shortly I guess...

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    The announcement is out!!!

    It's actually kind of two announcements!!!

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