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    I had my hair cut lately, and was told I looked like a child. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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    Im 22 and i have a baby face so everone says i look young. Sometimes when i get my haircut people will tell me i look like im 16. I get carded all the time when buying alcohol as expected.

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    I'm 18, personally, I think y'all are lucky. Even tonight someone asked if I was 28, I certainly do not have the babyface look (even shaved I look old), and I would love to be able to look like I was younger, especially when in "baby mode." It's a real buzzkill walking by the mirror and seeing a fully grown, hairy man staring back at you. :/

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    I still get ID'd when buying alcohol if I'm dressed casually, and I'm 34. My aunt has compared me to Peter Pan on more than one occasion.

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    How old I look comes down to a matter of perspective. Apart from dressing the part, I don't think I look all that young.

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    Yes! Actually I also just had my hair cut a few days ago and got a similar comment. Most people tell me that I can at least pass for a young teen. Being 5'0" probably adds to the the effect in my case. It's kind of fun when that happens. I told my dad I'm going to dress in my more casual clothes so I can look my youngest and order a margarita when I go out sometime, just to see their reaction.

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    People always think I'm older than I look, once when I was 16 someone thought I was at least 18/19 and since turning 18 I haven't been asked for ID once or twice

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    It seems a lot of people think I'm younger than I am. On an occasion or two I've had someone try to give me the student price at public pools. So it was slightly surprising when I went to buy alcohol last month and the cashier didn't even take my ID when I showed it to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    It seems a lot of people think I'm younger than I am.
    Same here but I don't mind though!

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    I also look younger than I am, there's always someone who tells me I look like a teen or won't believe I am 21, my height doesn't help either :P

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