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Thread: What puts you to sleep?

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    Reading in bed puts me to sleep. I get comfy in bed and read off my ipad until my eyes get heavy and I fall asleep.

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    In all honesty my night light! it makes me feel safe! also my bottle really helps me get into that frame of mind" that it's time for sleep!

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    Just laying down in bed! I can fall asleep almost anytime of the day or night if I lay down on my bed.

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    Paci never fails. Diaper always what I can, but - What a hell - I'm more than one year without any...

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    Imaging a huge dark vortex appearing inside my brain, and then just allowing myself to get sucked into the whirling dark matter.

    That, and a warm & wet pullup, of course! Sucking a thumb sometimes helps, putting me in a littler space than I usually occupy on this planet.

    So, to sum up; warm wet diaper, little thumbsuck, and a whirling black dervish!

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    Being in a diaper while hugging my plushie and sucking on my paci always puts me to sleep no matter how tired or awake I am. But on nights where I can't wear a diaper my paci and plushie usually to the trick.

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    The Mythbusters announcer guy who explains the drawings' voice. It's not that his voice is boring, it's just. . . Safe.

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