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Thread: Can clear urine still cause a rash?

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    Default Can clear urine still cause a rash?

    as the title says, my question is: can clear urine still cause a rash? i don't have much money and diaper creams are pretty expensive here and i really want to sleep in a wet diaper without getting a rash. i don't have any rash treatment supplies, so i would have a really bad time if i got one. again, i'm on a tight budget, so i spend all my funds just on diapers.

    and one more question: is it true that sleeping in a wet diaper has the same effet as that classic old hand in warm water prank, causing you to wet yourself while sleeping even if you're not a bedwetter?

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    In my experience, sleeping wet is alright so long as you change within an hour of waking up. I have pretty tough skin though and everyone's different, so don't rely solely on my advice.
    To answer your second question, I'm not 100% sure about it. I mean, I feel like that's what happens, but I don't know for sure since I've never tested it.

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    I'm forever flummoxed as to why an 18 year old wouldn't have five bucks for a tube of cream, but that's just me....

    Any urine will cause a rash, if your skin is sensitive, and you leave a wet diaper on too long (12 hrs +???).. The more your skin gets used to it, the more it becomes a non-issue. If a diaper smells like ammonia, it's too long. Ammonia burns. Cloth vs. disposables makes a definite difference, too. Disposables convert pee to gel, and have a water barrier to keep skin dryer. Cloth is just wetness against the skin, and consequently, they should be changed quicker than disposables.

    No. Being in a wet diaper will not make you spontaneously wet. Not even sure the warm water trick really works. A myth, if you ask me. IF someone were to put a person's hand in warm water, WHY wouldn't the person just wake up to go pee??? Peeing themselves is very unlikely, though I'm absolutely sure somebody will challenge that. Whatever.

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    I don't think you can get a clear answer from that because everyone's skin is different, and there are too many other variables like your skin condition, cleaning habbits friction from your skin and diaper. Some people have iron skin and can abuse the heck out of it without a worry. Others have to tiptoe to keep their skin even marginally healthy. You have to try things and figure out what you need to do to keep your skin happy.

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    Clear urine is the healthiest urine, it shows that your body is hydrated to the maximum, that being said if diaper creams are to expensive you can always go old fashion and buy store brand petroleum jelly, all you need is a thin barrier, a little baby power for your skin that make contact with the edges of the diaper to prevent chaffing while mobile.

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    You only need creams to treat rashes. For simple prevention, something like Johnson's Baby Lotion will do fine, and you can get that for a couple of pounds a bottle. Whatever you're using, you're not supposed to slather your crotch in the stuff - a thin layer is all that is necessary.

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    Clear is probably less likely to cause irritation than concentrated yellow. That said, I sleep in diapers all the time and have never once used any kind of cream, and never once gotten any kind of rash. You'll probably be fine, especially if you're not wearing 24/7.

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    yep, clear means more diluted, so less chance of irritation fromthe waste products in the urine. Also means you're drinking more than the minimum necessary necessary to stay hydrated, which is fine, you'll just be peeing more often. Clearer urine can also simply be a sign that you're not very active, as most of that yellow tint is lactic acid, a byproduct of your body (mainly muscles) using energy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    I'm forever flummoxed as to why an 18 year old wouldn't have five bucks for a tube of cream, but that's just me....
    Do you keep a close eye on the income/expense ratios of all age groups? I'm 33 and I barely have five bucks to buy a four-dollar Wendy's Value Meal. All of the diapers I acquired over the course of my life were either on discount, or placed in my path by the Night Watch. (Or the Day Watch, those guys are shifty)

    IF someone were to put a person's hand in warm water, WHY wouldn't the person just wake up to go pee???
    You're on a site with a size able demographic of people who actually do experience nocturnal enuresis and you're puzzled by why someone wouldn't wake up to respond to the sensation to pee? I mean, okay, the question I would be asking is why doesn't someone know their hand is being placed in water, but then I once slept through a house fire and the house was right across the street from me.

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    The warm water "trick" is just that a "trick" to see if you are dumb enough to do it, it very rarely has the "desired effect". Second having a barrier cream on hand (rash cream) is responsible adult behaviour under " diaper use 101" , no matter the reason for wearing diapers, your skin is the largest body organ,not caring for said organ so that you can "afford" one extra diaper a month, takes infantilism from a fetish to a disability because it shows a heinous disregard for the proper care of yourself and screams no matter your chronological age mentally you are devoid of the capability of making important decisions and therefore you require a guardian to do these things for you!.

    Yes this is hard to hear and I may get flamed for it but its the truth. If you can not give up one diaper a month for a year to purchase rash cream that may last four years you really have a problem that goes far and away beyond a tight budget.


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