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Thread: What is going on?!?

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    Default What is going on?!?

    I wen to my local walgreens today and saw that all of depends products were on sale for under $4. The briefs were all gone. What is happening?!?!? Are they switching to a cloth like backing? And is Walgreens briefs going back to plastic backed? B/c they were all on sale and I saw a package of them that WERE plastic!

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    Did you get some of the plastic type?

    I've gotten confused about Walgreens diapers - first they were plastic, then they were cheaper quality, then they were cloth-like and cheap quality, and now they might be plastic again? If so, at least that seems an improvement...

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    They are just clearing out inventory for the new packaging designs. No changes on the Max. Protection diapers, just a new wrapper on the package.

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    Depends is super cheap at some places because they are launching a gender specific line on..... March April or May 1st...... I don't know about the Walgreens though....

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    could you buy me a load if its 4$ :P

    thats interesting, woolworths don't have drynites on special even tho theres a new design that came out. you know i don't think I'm the only bedwetter in my neighborhood because theres usually a lot of the 8-15 yr old drynites of both female and male types usually gone, and the 4-7 yr old ones (i think thats the smaller size?) are always restocking, thay are after all very popular.

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