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Thread: Trying to find my little side.

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    Default Trying to find my little side.

    I have been a dl pretty much my whole life however I would like to be more of an ab. I still love at home and don't have any diapers or a mommy. I recently got some pacis and I have two stuffies and that is about it for little stuff. Any tips on how I can be more of a baby without a mommy?

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    I get that you may be unsure of yourself and where this is going but there's something important to remember about being an ABDL: you do this by doing what appeals to you. No one is grading your performance. It isn't a hobby you take up and look for a how to manual. The prettiest sissy dress isn't going to do anything for me even if I can admire the workmanship and devotion that goes into it. It's not my thing.

    Think about what sounds fun to you. What sounds a little daring? What sounds downright scary? Maybe crawling around and playing with simple toys is exciting or maybe it's deathly dull. You can find YouTube videos with bedtime stories but maybe that's flat too. Are the pacifiers you have adult sized ones? I found even the biggest baby ones to be of little interest but I got ahold of an adult one and it was a whole different story. Consider baby bottles and what you might put in them. Maybe food is of interest. It could be literal babyfood or maybe pudding or applesauce or mashed potatoes or just things that are more often for kids. Think about how things are for babies and kids and if it grabs you, pursue it. You might be posting threads here to tell us about your awe-inspiring discoveries in ABDL research.

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    I have two adult pacifiers and want to get a bottle to use. When I do have diapers I do like to crawl around and play with toys. One thing I like is being changed and cuddling while being read a bedtime story. My options are limited because I don't want my family to know but when I find my own place maybe things will change.

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    Trevor said quite well most of what I would have said, but I'll add just a little to it. Being little doesn't necessarily have to involve "stuff" that you have to hide. When you where physically a child, what games did you like? What did you like to watch on TV? I'll give you some examples from my own life.

    I personally have a total My Little Pony obsession that I indulge in when I have the time. The net is great for that. I do mandalas to relax, which in daily practice are just adult coloring pages. (To those who might have a problem with that statement, yes I know that there is a deeper meaning to them, but give me break on this one) I also love older kid and young adult fiction. You can hide a lot of material on a Kindle or Kindle app, and no one will know what you are reading unless they look over your shoulder or you tell them. I love the "five friends" genre, Babysitters Club, Saddle Club & Pine Hollow, Sweet Vally High, Beacon Street Girls, series like that. I was a total Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers kid, and still enjoy episodes when I can. Again, the net is a great resource for this one.

    Yes, it helps some that my little side is a bit on the older end of the scale, but I bet you can find fun things that you want to do and can do. I did this completely off the top of my head. What can you pull from your own memories or what you find fun now?

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    just keep trying things you did when you were little! You'll figure it out!

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