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Thread: Recreating Weston Academy

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    Default Recreating Weston Academy

    Weston Academy is completely abandoned and I am currently working on the recreation of the game and it's completion. I am also making a few changes to the game, but not changing any major detail, only a few small ones. These will include:

    -A few small changes to the layout, I can't be 100% with it

    -After the Main Character is diapered they can get help getting
    out of there diaper to ensure they make it to the bathroom

    -New areas

    I am very excited to continue this project and hope to finish it by 2017 with previews along the way.
    Also it will be made in the original program it was made with.

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    I dont know if you know this, but the original files are available on source forge. If your interested

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    I hope you keep us updated, this sounds great

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    I have the file somewhere but I guess I don't know what program to run it with. All of my emulators are no longer compatible with my OS too, which sucks.

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    Awesome, I'm excited to see what you do with it and to see some actual progress made with that title. I think I've seen 3 people try to complete or get further in the development of that game. I even helped one as a play tester for a little bit. The story is kind of a mess and so is the code apparently.
    Good Luck!

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    Thank you, progress is going pretty smoothly, however I am having issues with the roof of the catholic church, and some of the interior [ATTACH=CONFIG]25121
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunatails View Post
    Thank you, progress is going pretty smoothly, however I am having issues with the roof of the catholic church, and some of the interior

    Wow! I remember I played this game a very long time ago! I don't think I ever finished it but it's such a shame it was abandoned.

    It was so cute! :3

    I'm so happy to hear you're picking it up! I'm sure you can make it even better than it was originally supposed to be :D

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    Heyo! I wish you the best in your endeavor. If you want the script, source files, old pics, etc, hit me up. My e-mail is csfox(at)foxtalestimes(dot)com

    For the record, you are the 7th person I've seen who has tried to do something with the game. I'm happy and willing to help (without taking it over again) anyone who wants to do something with it. I think it'd be cool to see it come back again. Since Weston I've gone on to make a few more games (all unfinished >.>) but I am working hard on a new one and I've improved my coding and spriting by leaps and bounds. Let me know if there was anything in Weston or its scripting that you needed clarification on.

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