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Thread: Miley Cyrus BB Talk Music Video

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    Default Miley Cyrus BB Talk Music Video

    The world premiere of the highly anticipated music video for BB Talk will be on MTV Friday Dec. 11 2015 at 7 eastern, 6 central.

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    Here is the link to the song on soundcloud if you haven't heard it. You can listen for free.
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    Um... I listened to the song when this thread was first made. Didn't care for it, but didn't really have a negative reaction either.

    Just watched the video. I'm not sure what I or we as the AB/DL community should think. She's been saying things about wanting to be a baby or sometimes acts like a little girl. There was the Good Morning America live concert with the fur diaper-like thing. Then THIS video. She's clearly wearing a diaper in a lot of the shots. And not a cheap, cloth backed store brand. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a Bambino Blanco.

    So I wonder what kind of reaction she's going for, and what kind she will actually get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkxxx View Post
    Well... Yeeaaah.

    Am I the only one that thinks what Miley is doing with ABDL is a little sleazy and exploitative? She claims to be the "real deal" but I just can't help but wonder how long her interests in this will last past the release of "BB Talk". This all just feels a lot like a means to an end.

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    It's stuff like this that gives folks like us such a bad rep, honestly. I've never really had any respect for her since she took the reigns of her career, and this cements my view of her even more.

    It's clear that she's doing it just to stay in the spotlight. People are attracted to weird, unusual stuff that's different from our normal lives. Why do you think the Kardashians are everywhere? Miley's current career is built on exploiting stuff like this, and putting it on display as something it isn't. That sort of performance is why folks think there's something wrong with ABDL's, in terms of being pedophiles and whatnot. The only reason I can think that she continues to do this sort of self-humiliation is that she cares more about the fame and spotlight more than she respects and values herself.

    But, then again, I shouldn't have expected anything less from her.

    Anyways, that's my two cents.

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    I must agree with Note and PaddedBrony, that's she exploiting the whole adult baby thing. She's always tried to put herself out there on the fringe and this is one way of doing it. At the same time, she hasn't made any sort of convincing declarative statement that she's definitively AB. I think it's time for her to either shit or get off the potty.

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