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    Question Well my tastes have changed

    I no longer am a diaper lover but I do like footie pj's , binkies and stuffed animals. My bf still likes diapers and I have no problem with that, the only thing that bothers me is when he wears them too bed and that only bothers me cause I don't want to wake up soaked in urine. Yes, I admit it I am a total girl and waking up in urine skeeves me out, it's more of a clean thing and I don't want my bed smelling like pee. Other than that it really doesn't bother me. He is under the impression that I want to be with "a man". He is a man, yes I want to be with a mature man, not a child. I don't have a problem with binkies, or onsies or stuffed animals and not even with the nappies, I just have a problem with the cost of them, I'm sorry but $100 for nappies is way too much for me, especially when we have other bills too pay. Once the bills are paid I don't care what he spends on nappies. We are considered low income so $100 on nappies is alot for me to understand. I am not trying to change him, I love him exactly how he is, but I just feel that he would be better suited with someone with the same interests as him. I feel like he could do alot better than me and someone closer to his age ( we are 20 years apart). IDK what to do...any advice is welcome.

    Kym and big hugssss to all.

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    Babe I love ❤ you and I get what your saying and if I get a pair of plastic pants 👖 ya won't have to worry about leaks. The cost of diapers is a bit pricey but I don't order unless the bills are paid, and yeah I am having trouble understanding the "the man" part but I am willing to listen 👂 if you can try too explain it in a way I can understand I want to be able to understand

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    Well.......interesting place to work these things out. It sounds like you both have a good handle on the nuts and bolts. I sleep in diapers and though I don't leak, I had to make some modifications for my wife so that I didn't smell like a nursing home. I've accomplished that and we're both happy. Your age factor may be the bigger problem because you can't change your ages, but you can change how you see yourselves.

    There are some women who like younger men, and some who like older men. The same for men regarding women. I think both of you have to be comfortable with this, and if you are, then don't worry about it. Often women live longer than men anyway, so should you stay together for a lifetime, you may cross the finish line together. There are no guarantees in life.

    Your finances will change over the years. My wife and I started living at the poverty level and by the time we retired, we were earning a comfortable living. I think you are wise for paying off your bills first, but you should also have some money left over to put into savings because things come up like car repairs or replacement. Relationships are all about making sacrifices. It's that which leads us to maturity. Good luck guys! (and gals..haha)

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    You guys can consider cloth diapers. They are expensive at first but it will pay for it self after some washes. Then money saved can be used towards other needs.

    This is coming from someone who wore disposables as a kid growing up. It's what I was and still addicted to. Cloth diapers can fill the need when times are tough. I was able to wear them when I was broke. They can be customized to fit his needs in regards of thickness, colors, and other stuff.

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