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Thread: How much do you remember your imagination as a child?

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    Default How much do you remember your imagination as a child?

    How much do you remember the feeling of being an infant from your infant stage in life? I remember it a lot though I sometimes still have a hard time bringing it back due to my adult life and the knowledge I have now. Anyway apart from that.... How much and how far back do you remember your childhood and the feeling around you? I remember it from almost an infant and I remember a lot! What about you?
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    I can only remember back to when I was 5 and I just remember what I saw, no other sensations really. The only other senses I can recall are feeling pain from scraping my back on a plastic jungle gym. Though I do remember my imaginary friends which is kind of funny. I also recall what the apartment I lived in when I was 5 looked like. Otherwise I got nothing.

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    I think the earliest I can remember is a time in nursery school, nothing even close to infant and I remember the situation, not the emotions.

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    I can remember my mom getting mad and telling me to stop squirming as she was trying to pin a cloth diaper on me. I remember her telling me she didn't want to stick me with the pin, but that she might accidentally because I was squirming. I remember that bedroom and the house, along with the basement and the car they drove. I was adopted by them when I turned two. I don't have any memories of my first parents or where I was.

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    I remember my first memory was getting home from a store. My family bought a pack of pullups, and I was so excited to be a big kid I hugged the package. Times have surely changed...

    Another memory that probably wasn't too far after was a trip was actually a vacation we took to a beach in Galveston, Texas. My family was camping, and we had some of my cousins over too, who, at the time, were like, 10 or something. I remember my dad was putting me in pullups, and I was all embarrassed because people could see me. Later that day I remember being on a ferry, and that was kinda neat. I was all dressed up in a jacket and pants, so it was around Fall or Winter, I guess.

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    I don't remember a lot before age 5.

    It's funny, but I remember just about every wet accident I had, or witnessed, but I can't remember a lot of stuff that should be more important. I do remember some school related stuff from age 5-6, and I clearly remember my 7th birthday party, (nothing wetting related), but most of my clearer memories are from age 8-9 and upwards. It's probably why when I regress as a little, my littles age range is usually 9-12 as these are my clearest pre teen memories.

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    My first memory is linked to diapers. When I was 3 I remember waking up and I would sneak into our spare bedroom where we had some spare diapers and I'd wear them until my mum would take it off me

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    the only memmories i have are all the bad ones.. being sick in the nursery school assembly hall, is my earliest.. after that its mostly the punishments i remember..


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    A few months before my third birthday we moved out of our house while it underwent an extensive remodel. I have detail memories from this period that include both wetting my pants and bed (diapers). Also have a couple fragmented memories from before the remodel that involve diapers.

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    My earliest memory is the apartment we lived in when I was 2

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