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    Hi all I just got my shipment of tykables size 2 (large) and I want to tell you what the size compaires to.
    These diapers are similar size to xp medical a+ level 4 regular.
    They are slightly smaller than Abena L4 or slightly larger than dry 24/7 medium.
    For my body size waist 34" but tall at 6ft this diaper fits me perfectly, I put it on and the coverage is perfect, I prefer my tapes more in the front as opposed to the sides of my hips, I'm cover from just below my belly button to the small of my back. So far this is working out great

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    I've been thinking of trying these... I wear Abena M4... would you suggest the tykables 1?

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    If you can bring the tapes around to the front of you on the M4 then yes stay with size 1

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    Just a quick follow up from yesterday, I've gone through diapers.
    The absorbency is right on track with other major brands, def not 4,000ml is real world use but it's high enough for thinking in the ball park of Abena 'M4 range or slightly more the the older tena slip maxi mediums. I other words it's enough that I won't have to worry about leaking at night.
    I did wet in my sleep and I must have been on my back because the front was dry but the croch area and butt area of the diaper was puffed out.
    I really really really like these diapers so far and I'm glad it's working for me since I have 2 full cases (160) of them.
    I think I may order a couple packs of space diapers to compare, but I think the larges may be to big and the mediums to small for me since the fit is whacky on the SDK's we'll see though

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