Hey, new here, decided to start joining a few online communities for AB/DL's. I'm currently trying to figure out if and how I will tell my fiance that I'm a DL. She's extremely sweet and laid back, but I'm just not sure how she will take this, but I want to tell her before we get married. I've been into diapers since I was at least 5 or 6 when my mom dropped me off at daycare and I didn't want to her leave. I started crying as she was leaving and continued to cry until the daycare workers picked me up and put me on a changing table, diapered me and set me in a crib. I instantly calmed down. Ever since then, I've been into diapers off and on. They do provide some bit of sexual excitement, but more comfort than anything. I love the wonderful, calm, euphoric feeling of wearing and wetting diapers (no messing though). Right now I keep them hid from my fiance and only wear them when she's at work, but I know eventually I'll probably get caught...plus the fact that I genuinely do not want to hide anything from her.