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Thread: ABDL Related Benefits of losing A LOT of Weight?

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    Default ABDL Related Benefits of losing A LOT of Weight?

    I'm working on losing excess weight (I'm about 120lbs overweight right now). If I get to a healthy BMI and smaller clothing size (maybe from xxl now to M later...and maybe 44in pants to 32), what ABDL related benefits do you think I'll enjoy?

    The big one I can think of is being able to fit into XL goodnites once again.

    Can anyone suggest others for me? I'm looking forward to being at a better weight for many other reasons - just was thinking this morning that there might be some other fringe benefits.

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    In June I was about 50 pounds overweight, and in the last six months I've dropped about 30 pounds! I'm sure you know of all the other benefits of trimming down, but within this lifestyle I've noticed that I can fit better into more kinds of diapers, since they fit differently. With my gut finally getting smaller, diapers tape up a lot easier! Another big benefit is what pampers4u said, cheaper diapers!

    If you commit yourself and work at it every day, you will accomplish your goal! Good luck!

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    None, diapers will be harder to hide on a smaller frame, and less absorbency for the same rating.

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    Easier to get into various AB clothing. I've bought a couple of kids sleepers recently that I don't think I'd have been able to wear if I hadn't dropped about a stone.

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    I got down to 135 pounds to fit into size 6 baby diapers. That's always been a huge plus to keeping skinny for me!

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    Well, although I'm not into the AB side, I must say have you ever seen a skinny B?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleakyboomboom View Post
    None, diapers will be harder to hide on a smaller frame, and less absorbency for the same rating.
    Not true at all. I have a small frame (150 lbs), wear 24/7 and its very easy to wear pants or shorts that are 1 or 2 sizes too big for me and hide my diaper. And, I wear thick diapers.

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    Spaz and you are comparing this with back when your were 300lbs?

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    I guess if you use the diapers for their intended purpose, it would probably be an easier clean up :P

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