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Thread: perfect mornings

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    Default perfect mornings

    Ever wake up and everything is just right? Diaper didn't leak, but still very comfortable. But nicely swelled up and still soft and smooth with a smooth feel and good shape. Tapes still right where they belong, with no pointy edges poking my wrists. No odor, and despite the full diaper, skin is still feeling dry?

    Ahhh, just makes me wish I could lay here for another hour or two.... but I gotta get up, eat, and go to work. Oh, and change my diaper, better do that too.

    (DC Amore Kitten)

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    Those are the best mornings! Too bad I woke up and leaked this morning

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    I don't wake up wet, but I like to wet right when I get up and enjoy it while I drink my morning coffee. Occasionally I will jump into the shower while wearing to make it last that much longer.

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    I leaked last night myself :'( But I'm glad you had an amazing morning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvToColour View Post
    I leaked last night myself :'(
    Don't worry" we all leak sometimes! I had a leaky drynite just the other day! Had to change the bed sheets! "grrr"

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    hoping to have one of those morning Friday

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    You're lucky you still have supples. Mine ran out a while ago and I had to wash my sheets this morning. Thing is, i'm living in a college dorm, and this is becoming an every other day occurrence. Course, I am telling my parents about the bedwetting issue, so I might be getting some more supplies soon. Well that, or I might be sent to a psychiatrist...again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    Well that, or I might be sent to a psychiatrist...again...
    "hey mom, I think I have a sprained ankle, should I go see a psychiatrist?"

    "Of course not, dear! why would you think that?"

    "well you seem to think that will help with other physical issues?"

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    I wear cloth with plastic pants almost exclusively so waking up wet feels a bit different, but is is still totally awesome. Cloth is very absorbent so I rarely have leaks. No bad odor either since I have my laundering routine figured out. Soaked cloth diapers sag noticeably and feel wet, but I'm so happy in my wet diaper and plastic pants that I don't want to take them off. I supposed it's an acquired taste - but then so is liking the feeling of a tight, swollen disposable!

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