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Thread: Favorite Outfit?

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    Question Favorite Outfit?

    Is there an outfit that you consider your favorite outfit to wear - whether you wear it in public or not?

    My favorite is a white corduroy jonjon with my initials monogrammed on the front and two buttons at each shoulder. It's considered a "formal" piece of clothing, so it's usually worn with a collared shirt, white bowtie, white knee socks, and white lace-up Oxford shoes. It doesn't have crotch snaps, so thick training pants or a diaper are a requirement to wear it.

    The feeling for me in this outfit is amazing - I feel like the youngest son of a very upper-crust family, very special and well cared for.

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    Other than my onesie! I love wearing my rah-rah skirt & my top that has a cute teddy printed on it! I don't usually wear the skirt when I'm out because it's way to revealing & people would be able to see my diaper! "eep" but it's fun to wear at home though!

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    I have a Donald Duck onsie that my wife bought for me from Ebay. I feel so "little" when I'm diapered and wearing it.

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    My favorite is probably my pirate onesie, it makes me feel so little to have my bum being cuddled by my diaper due to the tighter nature of the onesie. Other than that I just ordered a Little Keeper Sleeper which I'm really looking forward to as it looks to be right around what I want from my more babyish outfits.

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    I just got lucky and hit the thrift store. Not only did they have a bunch of diapers, I found a sleeper too. It's fleece, has a down the leg zipper and space patterns all over it. $5 well spent.

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    At the moment i dont really have much in the way of clothing, I do have 3 onsies which i bought from the ABDLfactory, and that is about it.. Im still waiting for a red sleeper which so far has taken 20 days to arrive, from the UK to Austria.. Which i find rediculous, since i got a delivery from india in less than 10 days.

    Years ago i made my own blue dungarees, with a scooby doo iron on transfer, they were pretty cool, and i used to ear them all the time, cause when out i used to wear a shirt or jumper over the top so the schooby doo logo was hidden.

    Im working on getting mysefl a new sewing machine and some other bits, to make my own stuff agian.. but that may be a while..


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    Overalls and a t-shirt. Enough space for whatever I have on, but tricky enough to take off to make my feel little.
    And easy enough to explain if I'm seen in it lol

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