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Thread: I want to feel like an infant!

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    Default I want to feel like an infant!

    I want to feel like an infant but it just hast worked yet! I'm wearing a thick diaper and footie pajamas! I don't have my pacifier yet it's on it's way though what can I do right now? Will the pacifier change my experience?

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    I'd say it's different for everyone. Your infant experience will be unique to you. Sure we all had certain things in common, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, crib, etc. but only you truly know what your trigger might be.

    I would imagine with the right setting and level of relaxation might help relieve the mind and let you "get into" the AB headspace.

    Good luck.

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    It's not about infant things (though they can certainly help) it's about a mind shift or a belief. Maybe it takes practice for some people i just begin to feel a certain way and then slide into into it. Usually, if I can feel that I want to or need to, I will get into baby stuff cause it makes the experience richer, and sometimes I guess just deciding to get involved in 'little' activities will trigger regression. But it's always there ... it more a case of switching it off than switching it on if that makes sense.

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    Let go of your inhibitions & expectations! When I'm feeling little it's a very natural feeling! it's almost like I'm under some kind of hypnotic spell that can either last for hours or not very long at all! It's hard to articulate the feeling but once you have it you will know & understand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    My advice: seek a parent figure. They help a lot.
    Mainly this one but just clearing your mind from everything.

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    You know, finding your "little headspace" (thats what I'll call it for simplicity) is sometimes difficult, and frustratingly not something you can really force. I can give some pointers to help along the way, but its something that really just comes out in different ways and feels different to everyone, don't expect it to feel a certain way. Here are some tips:

    1. Make sure you are alone and in a place you feel safe and secure. This would be someplace like your bedroom while the rest of your family is out, with the door locked.
    2. Turn off any outside stimulation, like the radio or tv. Leave a little bit of white noise, but give yourself a clean palette for your mind to play with.
    3. Be relaxed. Your little headspace can be a great refuge when you are stressed out, but while discovering your path to get there, stress just makes it harder. If you are relaxed, it makes the next tip easier to accomplish.
    4. Use visualization. What I mean by this is to let you mind wander and imagine what it would really be like to be a baby or little kid again. Since its all about imagination, this is the best tool to open that jammed door.

    I hope you enjoy success after some practice, and remember not to let the struggle get you down.

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