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    So, sometimes with plastic backed diapers, the tapes fail before the diaper is finished being used. Or, I apply them wrong, and they never go on right. This can be a problem for me, and I just ordered some molicares, my first premium diapers in years. I don't wanna have to deal with them falling off! I've had this problem with them before.

    I'm thinking duct tape would maybe do a pretty good job keeping them on. Would this help? Anyone here had a similar problem?

    Thank you for your time.

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    I use white duct tape to help when tapes fail or if I am going to be active while wearing. There are also many other colors and designs for Duck brand duct tape that some people like. I have also heard of people using clear packing tape. Either one should work well. :-)

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    Duck tape is your best friend. For about 4 bucks a roll it will last a long time

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    As others have said, the duck tape works amazingly. If you google it on Amazon, you can find lots of fun prints too such as Disney or other cartoons. If I ever have a failing tape, the duck tape works under every condition.

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    I use duct tape, but I use it a bit differently.

    What I do, if I'm using a plain diaper, is I'll basically make it look like a lot of older baby diapers: I'll set up a landing zone to tape onto, rather than tape over the tapes themselves.

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    I make four hole pairs on both wing sets and lace with " elastic. Using lace accommodates diaper stretching.

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