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Thread: Acknowledge Each Other

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    Default Acknowledge Each Other

    Take a moment to appreciate the users who have a particular importance to you as a user, and before anything else a human being:

    Point Blanch: Though I frequently have utterly no idea what you're saying your craziness somehow wriggled itself closest to my heart. You manage to make me laugh at ungodly hours and keep me company during times when I'm at my lowest emotionally. The seldom but equally enjoyable times we both comprehend each other you unceasingly give me support and push me over the edge when I'm feeling indecisive. You know my insecurities and my fears more than anyone else, I'm grateful you keep them to yourself!

    Most importantly, you taught me the internet doesn't have to be serious business. We can laugh together, even when nobody else gets the joke.

    Trevor: I apologise to call attention to your... grand wisdom, but you're the father figure I never had. You made me realize I'm not nearly as clever as I thought I was and you're always primed to take me down a few notches in the nicest, least belittling way possible. I respect you as an elder and as a friend. You taught me about the joy and comfort that can come from reading a good book, which consecutively saved me a ton of money that I would have otherwise spent on video games that wouldn't nearly as educate me well as a sophisticated piece of narration, that even I can learn to appreciate as the dopey teenager I am.

    If it weren't for your finely homed judgement I'd most likely be banned from this community that I somewhere along the lines had forgotten helped me accept myself.

    You know my secrets and deepest ambitions.

    Peachy: Admittedly we don't talk very often, even in the long since departed TBDL days. Unmindful of that you supported me in ultimately accepting my quirks and you gave me experiences I'll never be quick to forget, even if sometimes I'd like to!

    You were me first true friend. I'll never forget the generosity you showed me, which has made a deep impression on me. I hope to one-day show the same kindness and charitableness to a bothersome, dumb kid like me when I'm as seasoned as you on life, if I'm fortunate enough to be given the opportunity.

    You saw me at my most insecure and overlooked it for the sake of a good time.

    Charlie F: I'm thankful of your titan stature so I'm got something sturdy to cower behind when I'm feeling awkward! You're my backbone. I wouldn't have had the encounters I've had if it weren't for your bravery and patience!

    You kept me laughing during our sometimes lengthy private Skype conversations. You're the only person I've felt truly comfortable talking with. That I can be myself rather than hide behind a fraud persona. I realize I've been irritating for the better part lately, but that's because I miss you. Even though sometimes it seems like I've lose sight of how swamped you must be at university I do my best to acknowledge that.

    You know me at my most intimidated.

    I wish I were nearly as cool as you are.
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    Good thread.

    Trevor: You act as a "sounding board" and are reasonable in your actions. I enjoy chatting with you out on IRC, though I typically cut it short in deference to the fact that you're out there to mod. I like reading through your posts; agree with your conclusion or not, it typically comes as the result of putting considered thought into the topic. I like to think that we share a common goal and vantage point, and where we do not, you and I are capable of working through/around it.

    Charlie F.: Although young, you share a background with me that is both broad and useful - and under-valued. I appreciate that you are able to read between the lines in some of my posts and understand the philosophic underpinnings that I bring. It is this shared history - and connection to the larger world - that makes you especially capable at jumping into chaos and bullet-pointing a thread to resolution.

    Rance: You like sports. Let's get that out of the way first. You bring a good "blend" of young and old viewpoints to the site. When you choose to actively engage in argumentation (qua thesis-antithesis --> synthesis) you do so in a manner that lays bare the facts and assumptions of the matter. While you don't strike me as an "egghead," I really enjoy the fact that you can say, "you're wrong!" and then follow it up with valid points. Your work exposes you to Joe Public, and it's always funny to read through your blog entries. I appreciate the friendship that we share.

    Racoon: Apparent political differences aside, your posts are insightful, helpful, and bring a very nice "older voice" to the forum. When I read your posts, I find myself nodding in agreement most times. If you were to double- or triple-post, I may give myself whiplash.

    Dogboy, Ricky, and Diapered Rabbit: Along with Racoon, the three of you bring reasoning and measured, considered insight to threads. It is also nice to see and interact with people who have shared life experiences with me (though I've not yet had kids), and it makes me proud to see that AB/DL/Incon-ism can make a home for us old fogeys. I particularly appreciate the fact that the three of you bring to the table very human and considered vantage points. Ricky, I hope that we have much more time to chat after your surgery, and I hope it leaves you more mobile and in less pain than now. Dogboy, it always makes me smile when you bring up your volunteer work with the school; it's good to know that not only eggheads like me get involved in the education process. I must admit, it's also a culture shock to read about your city, and humbling to read other bits. Diapered Rabbit, I enjoy reading through your posts and it is clear that a person of experience and patience is making them. Hopefully we all four may continue to chat online.

    Darkfinn & LuvsGurl: The two of you have fused into a two-headed single entity in my mind. I'm glad for the two of you as people and for what you represent. Every time that I have chatted with you, I know that there are articulate, reasonable, careful, and intelligent people on the other end of the connection. I enjoy the balance that you both bring to things, and hope that we can meet up IRL at some point. The two of you strike me as giving and warm people, and we need more people like that in the world. While no relationship is perfect, the two of you seem well-matched and present a unified front to the world (at least in my mind) and this is something that I admire you for. Whenever I read a post or entry by either of you, I find this warmth and clear-headed view coming through the text.
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    Diaperedbabygirl: You're probably the best friend I ever had. You were the first person to be my friend on ADISC when I join. You're like the sister I never had. I mean you're the most caring, nicest, and kind heart person I know. I hope one of these day I can go and visit you and we can have a fun time together.

    What can I said about this kid. You remind me so much of me that it not even fucking funny. Whenever I needed a good laugh, I just go to one of your posts or threads and laugh my fucking ass off on how stupid but funny it is. This place wouldn't be the fucking same without you, man and I hope you get your ass unmoderated soon.

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    Night: DUde, you kick ass. I can't say much more without feeling gay, but you get the picture. Seriously, you're like the best internet-friend a guy could have. I enjoy reading all of your incredibly odd anecdotes, and then shooting down everyone and anyone who goes DO NOT WANT. I doubt I'd still be on ADISC if it wasn't for you, bud.

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    Ooh, this is always cool!

    Abby: I probably only talk to you because you have a bigger penis than I do. That, or it's because you've managed to become one of my nearest and dearest friends over the past year and a half. It's good to have someone to communicate with on such an equal level, and there's never a dull moment shared! While we're as quick with the insults at one another, we're also as quick with the friendly advice and the shoulders to lean on. I can't thank you enough for being an outstanding confidant, an ever-reliable friend, and an irreplaceable presence.

    Dethklok: Seriously, you've got to be the most badass person on this whole board. What more is there to say other than that, fuckstick?

    h3g3l: The minute I saw your first post, I thought, "Jesus Christ, I gotta get to know this guy." It's been an absolute pleasure to bounce conversation and debate off of you (and I still have a few PMs of yours to respond to! I'm such an awful friend!). Your vast knowledge never ceases to amaze me, and whenever I read one of your posts, I'm always learning something new, something fresh, something informative. I value your opinion highly, and respect you even more!

    Lukie: You are my inspiration on this board, you asshole. I envy your ability to always settle right down in the middle of a conversation and wield words like both weapons and pillows! You are convicted and confident, and you always seem to know the right thing to say and when to say it. It's going to be a shame not to be able to hang with you this summer!

    Priest: You're always the man I know I can rely on for a great laugh and a reason to smile. Whether or not it's appropriate, you always have a way of making me hold my chest or chuckle into my hand so that way I'm not so loud that everybody hears. You're a clever whirlwind of sarcasm, but you also have quite the way of saying what needs to be said.

    Trevor: While I know it's been said ... you *are* that paternal figure of well-placed wisdom that always seems to know the truth and never sacrifices kindness to expose it. Your insight and friendship is one that I value highly, and I'm grateful to have gotten to know you. While I regret that I wasn't able to lunch with you in September, I'm hoping that in the future, the opportunity will arise again, so that we can share some good conversation and some great coffee!

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    Maverick - Your the one who showed me Adisc. For that I owe you. Your the first friend I had here, and your one cool dude.

    FalloutFox - Your an awesome person and a great friend! You always seem to know when to make me laugh. Your like the older brother I never had.

    Grizzy - Yes you can be quite annoying, but dammit you always got me laughing. You also don't care who sees what you say/type and for that you have my respect.

    Mandy_Cullen - Your like one if not the best friend I have on here. We have soo many inside jokes *cough*Jake*cough* which are pretty funny.

    Samaki - Dude where do I even start? We've had many, many, many laughs. Seriously, you rock and don't ever change... or I'll have to hurt you

    TheSilentAssassin - We've shared many great pm's, alot involving your story (I won't tell ) and others, and I can happily say that you probably talk to me more then anybody else on this whole site.

    Manveru - Dude your just fucking cool.

    Jussen - Have been speaking with you for over a year now, I can easily say you know alot about me and I know alot about you. We've had many laughs together (Like when you didn't know it was me here) and your a really funny guy, so don't change you hugwhore!
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    My turn! My turn!

    FullMetal: You are an awesome dude. Not only do you provide others with advice, but you have helped me on countless occasions. You're kinda like my brother, except more father-like. Telling me when to go to bed, not to swear, etc.

    Peachy: You are one of the coolest dudes around here. (Next in line to FullMetal, of course. ) You help others when necessary, protect the forums, and make the bad people go away. You're nice, too. A good moderator.

    Icey: Well, what can I say? You're nice, friendly, and you don't make others feel bad. Pretty good in my book. You're the most helpful person I can think of on ADISC, and you are cool to talk to.

    Mandy Cullen: You didn't think I'd forgotten about you, did you? While you may sometimes be a little weird, (Just kidding!) you are still awesome. You help people if needed, and make others go away. You're like a mini Peach! Only much, much, smaller.

    Jon93: Despite the fact you have the most used name on here, I can still easily pick you out of a crowd. You're funny, and you're really the only one who stays up past 1:00. Anyways, you're a cool dude, and fun to hang with.

    Baseball4life: Unlike Mandy Cullen, I actually forgot you! Oops, sorry! In the little time I've known you, you've been nothing but helpful to me. You were the one who got me to where I am now, and for that, I thank you very much.

    And last, but most certainly not least,

    Trevor: Ah yes, the 'Hello Bot.' Hah, just kidding. Your friendly nature makes you the 'Most Welcoming' of them all. While you may not talk much, you are still kind and thoughtful when you do talk, and you give good advice. You make an excellent addition to the Staff, and all of ADISC.
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    This is a really cool thread!

    The Silent Assassin: The little brother I never had..but more of a son because I tell you when to go to bed and stuff. You are really the coolest kid I know your age. You are so bright and just an all around amazing person.

    Trevor: What can I say? You are just a really nice guy. Straight to the point, tells it like it is. I love talking to you because you just have a way with figuring things out and understanding. You are also a great listener and I am just not sure how you do that.

    Peachy: Honestly, I used to talk to you much more, not sure why we do not talk so much anymore. You are an awesome person, I love when you post and never fear the wrath of anyone around you. Just a kind, awesome dude and I see the sites potential in you.

    Priest: Damn, you can really make me laugh dude.

    Avery: You are so nice and down right awesome. I am not sure if I can ever really recall...have you ever been mean? Your posts give light to this place and you know how to spit it.

    I will add more when I think about it, right now that's all I got.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Everyone: cause you're all just so awesome.
    What he said.

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