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Thread: Sometimes its great wearing a full diaper

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    Default Sometimes its great wearing a full diaper

    I like to flood a dry diaper as much as anyone. However, wetting an already full diaper is great too.
    Right now I am in a full Northshore Supreme Lite after 1 flood and constant dribbles for the past 3 hours.
    Its gotten swollen enough in the front that I can barely feel the dribbling and leaking. I can feel dribbling down the sides. I can feel the pee escape. But I can barely feel the pee soak the diaper. What a great feeling!

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    I totally understand. Probably one of the best feelings you can experience in a diaper, always nice when its big and warm and squishy!

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    Quick question scaifester, how do you buy northshore diapers? Being a Chicago abdl, I am rather close to them, but i'm unsure how to buy from them

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    Quick question scaifester, how do you buy northshore diapers? Being a Chicago abdl, I am rather close to them, but i'm unsure how to buy from them
    I've been to their facility before, you can order from their website and select pickup, or you could also go the the front door, ring the buzzer, and they'll let you in and gladly take your order. They have a small display up front with some of the products that they offer.

    Don't worry they don't ask any unnecessary questions. They are also aware of us, as they have visited ADISC before.

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    What I mean is for shipping. Due to my mom shipping her car to our family's condo, she now uses my car. It is just that I was unsure if you had to enter some form of health insurance tidbit or not.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I guess you can say i'm still very shy about being an abdl. Frankly, I just wish my parents knew about this side of me and were accepting, because as it is, I constantly worry about being disowned if they did find out. My dad hates anything that isn't normal by society's standards.

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    This may not be helpful to you because I ship directly to my home. You can call them to see if they ship to a local ups or fedex facility so you can pick them up yourself to maintain discreetness

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    Best feeling. I woke up this morning in an absolutely soaked Molicare super plus with a depends maximum protection as a stuffer. I think I have mastered wetting in diapers only, since the last week or two I haven't worn at all and have been dry.

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    I too love the feeling of a full and wet diaper, it's squishy and it bulges. I love to stay in a wet diaper as long as possible which can be up to 24+ hours in some cases.

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