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    I'm afraid that since I am using a diaper a few times that I'm gonna end up having problems while not using a diaper! I guess I could say I'm afraid of de-teaching myself to use a toilet. How can I simply avoid this? Right now, I want to be half adult and half baby not all babty!

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    common question here. almost no one loses significant control. many find it easier to go when they choose to (including me)

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    I agree with bambinod, you really don't need to fear. If you decide along the way to use diapers 24/7, it's still usually pretty hard to get to a point where it is easy to go, let alone ever worry about losing control: the body tends to know when you are diapered and when you are not. Toilet training is pretty ingrained, and occasionally using a diaper isn't going to spontaneously undo that. Don't let this fear get you anxious, it's beyond rare, if it ever happens at all, and it's important to remember that we are born with control, its there even as babies, we just haven't learned how to use it, so you aren't just going to forget.

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    I have been wearing 24/7 for a year and have never lost control. There are many people on here who have been wearing far longer than me, whether 24/7 or not. Don't worry, it's rare to lose control. I still find it difficult to actually use a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    common question here. almost no one loses significant control. many find it easier to go when they choose to (including me)
    I wish I could say the same for me.

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    There were a few times when I have actually lost control, without protection. At least twice, over the last 10 years, night time accidents were involved to the point where laundering was mandatory. That is rare, however. But there is a risk when I go without. So, aside from the autism, the sensory processing, and condition of my skin, for me the diapers would have to be a requirement I guess.

    My main problem is, I have not learned to toss out my regular underwear yet. It may be very likely that my doctor will recommend doing just that. Otherwise, there would be too much confusion over what to wear over the coming day. And if I don't choose the right garment, that could lead into a bad situation. If there are only diapers and no underwear, then the decision is a lot easier.

    None of this came from wearing the diapers, by the way. So, if you've never had an episode related to incontinence, then it just deals with personal comfort. In that case, you are free to determine what makes you feel best. If it's an ABU Space, then it's all good. But then, you also have the option of "putting on the big boy pants" when it is deemed necessary. And that luxury can't be all bad.

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    I've had a slightly different experience. I've found that, after wearing much of the day for several days, I find myself having the urge to urinate much more often, and it's more urgent. In order to get my full control back, I had to force myself to hold it. It was a rather unpleasant experience, but, fortunately, my control returned as quickly as I lost it.

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