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Thread: When is it obvious to tell when someone is wearing an adult diaper?

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    Default When is it obvious to tell when someone is wearing an adult diaper?

    I mean besides when their diaper is showing! If it is covered can you tell if someone looks like their wearing them?

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    I think if you're out in the general public, it's going to be pretty hard to notice. After all, how much time does the average person spend staring at the butts of strangers? If the person is wearing form-fitting pants, then the bulge of a thick diaper would probably be more noticeable, but otherwise, not so much.

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    I saw an elderly lady struggling to get up once. I happened to look at her behind as she was getting up and it was obvious there was extra padding in her pants. Given her age, it was probably for necessity, not pleasure.

    Otherwise, it is almost impossible to notice. Half the threads here ask how to tell and the others are how do I hide it? I would say most people who wear in public go to great lengths to hide it and you will probably never see one. As Kimba said, don't make a habit of staring at people's butts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    don't make a habit of staring at people's butts.
    It really depends on the person

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperiorPenguin View Post
    It really depends on the person
    Well, yeah, but she might have a jealous bf nearby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Well, yeah, but she might have a jealous bf nearby.
    I don't worry to much about their boyfriends. I may not be an alpha male, but I can roll with the best of them.. and win.

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    I think for me I can spot it pretty easily. One time a long time ago there was an older lady in the parking lot of the grocery store and when she was getting her groceries out of the cart you could actually see the shape of a pull up diaper.

    For the most part I do not look for it but there have been a few times when I noticed people wearing. But really Diapers are pretty easy to hide so it is not easy to tell.

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    Let's exclude the elderly, too. Once you get to a certain age, you really don't care what anyone thinks, which is really a blessing anyway. They aren't trying as hard to hide it.

    Since I often wear Real Fit in public and sometimes something all the way up to Northshore Supremes, I'm constantly evaluating other people to see if I can spot a diaper. This is partly because the Real Fit is only good for buying me time to get to a bathroom and I want to be more comfortable wearing real diapers. It's very difficult to spot a concealed diaper. Even on people that I see regularly that I'm convinced are wearing it's difficult to be sure. I want to be able to look at myself the same way but of course you can't. And I can't ask anyone what kind of diaper they are wearing so I can compare to what I think they are wearing. But this is why I'm with the opinion that nobody will notice your diaper unless they wear them themselves. The average person doesn't have the programming in their brain to even consider that you might have a diaper in your pants. I know what I'm looking for and unless it's blatant, I can't tell.

    For it to be obvious, they would have to be wearing thin or see thru pants, or tight jeans, or have too many stuffers, or be carrying 80 ounces of urine, etc.

    But, all that said, I'm human and I haven't quite shaken the self-conscious aspect of it.

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    If you're wearing diapers or thicker training pants, there's a noticeable bulge at the seat, especially when sitting down. However, unless you're specifically looking for it, most people won't notice it.

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    I wear Abri Form XPlus under shorts with no problems, but I try to stick to skirts when I'm in bellissimos or amors. No one notices because no one's looking. And if they are looking, they just see a big butt and that certainly is a good thing for me lol. Unless you are diapered, your first thought is not that someone is wearing

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