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Thread: Need some advice on premium diapers

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    Default Need some advice on premium diapers

    So I hav been thinking of buying some premium diapers. I was just wondering if there were some that weren't thick. My current living conditions need my diapers and the packaging they come in to be discreet. That said, is it worth buying premium diapers or should I stick to store bought ones?
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    The most discreet premium is the molicare super plus(Absorbs as much as a Abena m4 without the bulk and high waistband + there plastic backed). And if you buy them from Amazon or a Amazon fullfilled seller they come a plain Brown Amazon box.

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    snuggies (now tykables) are about 1/2 the thickness of most premium diapers, but still have excellent capacity. They use lots of sap but don't compact the padding so they're not stiff like the original 247s. Price is good too, a case of regular tykables is pretty cheap. I don't see them on their store right now, they may be out of stock... The overnights are available too, they're twice the thickness/capacity, but end up being as thick as a thin to medium diaper. Perfect for you if you want good performance and a thinner diaper. Fit is also pretty good, they even have front/back elastic. 80 for $130. About the same cost per diaper as bambino teddy, which is twice as thick and about the same capacity. You can go with the tighty whities which are 100% white, or the overnightss which are a infant evening blue theme.

    The tightie whities with their all white and the rear elastic are even passable as mens white boxers if your shirt comes untucked

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