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Thread: Premium ABDL diapers vs premium medical diapers

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    Default Premium ABDL diapers vs premium medical diapers

    I have been using abena M4s and tena ultimas, and have been wondering if changing to diapers such as the new ABU space diapers are worth the extra money.

    The only place in the UK that sells them at the moment is (which im not sure is legitimate either, has anyone ordered before from them?)(which work out as roughly 2 per diaper) whereas i can get M4s etc for 99p per diaper.

    Is it worth the extra or shall i just double up premium medical diapers?


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    I was a confirmed M4 user until I tried the ABU Space diapers. They are definitely worth it to me; they make wearing disposables bearable again. At double the price, they're a no-brainer. Of course, your experience may vary ... but I'd at least try a couple and see what you think.

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    Nappies R Us is perfectly legitimate. They're a subsidiary of Incontinence Shop, which is a well-established supplier of IC products. I've ordered any number of nappies from them.

    As for whether it's worth it - it depends how much you wet, and how convenient changing is. The Space is ultra-absorbent, but it may be overkill if you're not a heavy wetter.
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    Heh well i wet as much as possible, getting my monies worth , so i will definitely buy some! Thanks again

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    Diapers like the ABU Space and Bambino Bellissimos are definitely worth the extra cost. Even if you are not a heavy wetter, they just hold their integrity better over several hours of wear. All of the Bambino and ABU diapers have wider and stronger tapes than medical "briefs". Which means: If you spend $2.00 each for Bellissimos, and can wear it for a 5 hour period, and a $1.45 Abena is good for 2 1/2 hours, you are saving $1.00 for each diaper, just by extending the life of the more expensive one. Just $2.00 per day, will save $60.00 per month!

    And then there are other little details. AB diapers are purchased by the people who wear them. Feedback is nearly immediate, so there is no need to do tests on nursing home patients who cannot speak for themselves. There is also some competition, but vendors of AB diapers are more in cooperation with each other. The idea is not to make a profit by selling cheap goods, but to benefit the community. The result is a garment that is softer, has better staying power, is more absorbent, and will actually improve the health of those wearers who suffer real incontinence. Having once been a skeptic, I now support the companies that offer the products that I need to function with my disability.

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    Have a look at the reviews on the pages here, comparing different types of diapers

    2 years between the Abena and Space Diapers, a lot can happen.

    Also, the legitimacy of Nappies'R'Us -
    News from ABU announcing them to carry them

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    Thanks for all the info
    I read that thread and yea basically its got tons of absorbancy much nicer for nice thick diapers
    I will definately get an order to them now.
    Thanks again for clearing this up!

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