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    Default Countdown to Star Wars

    The newest Star Wars Movie is just more than 10 days away. I'm really pumped for this. I'm even more excited now that it has been confirmed the movie will be free of Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks. Yay!

    Any thoughts on the trailers or rumours? Wondering why Luke Skywalker hasn't been seen in any of the posters or trailers? Who's Kylo Ren? Is Rey the daughter of Han and Leia? Why is Leia a General instead of a princess?

    I thought the whole prequel trilogy was pretty dull but I have high hopes for Abrams and Disney to breathe new life into this franchise.

    Let's get some serious discussion going here!

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    I'm hopeful. I feel like Lucas cocked up the special editions and then the prequels were worse. I think that even if I don't like the new film(s), they will fail for me in different ways, and the likelihood of actually being able to enjoy Star Wars again in the future is much higher. I don't have my ticket but I expect to see it before the month is out.

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    Maybe I've read too much science fiction over the decades.... I've found the Star Wars movies entertaining, but little more than that. Perhaps the most fun is picking out where the various characters, scenes and concepts are borrowed from. There's very little original in any of them. For the most part, its Edgar Rice Burroughs updated a century.

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    Yeah, I'm ready. Can't wait. Not sure when I'll be able to watch it tho.

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    I wound up seeing it on opening day. I was sure it was going to be a huge mess trying to see it anytime soon but I saw tickets were available in 2D in a theater I like, so I went with a couple friends. It has its faults but to me, it's far superior to the prequels, resting comfortably in the zone of the original three. I'd say it's a better movie than Return of the Jedi, but the closure provided in that counts for a lot. It seems to me like Star Wars is in more interesting hands.

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