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    I am on approx my third case of fabines and I think they are such a wonderful soft diaper with awesome plastic etc however I consistently get leaks even with a booster I am an old hat with diapers and don't have same problem with others however I feel it could simply be my body shape as abena l4 give similar issue I use a large in fabines which are almost too big but a medium is too small I have amazing results with tena maxi and wellness superio which are quite different in sizing. Just wondering if others have similar issues I really like fabines just wish they were better on me cheers.

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    Sorry I should have been more informative the leaks are always at rear leg area and occurs standing or laying down I can't get remotely close to using them to capacity thanks

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    you should be able to improve your use by adjusting how you're fastening the lower tapes. Attach the tapes so each one seals around one leg - don't aim the tapes toward each other in the center. And maybe avoid flooding if possible. Fabines don't wick terribly well, but should have a pretty high capacity. Their crotch is only an average width, so make sure you get a good "V" in the middle and have a pocket of open space for urine to flow forward and down. If your diaper gets a "W" in the middle, it will direct urine away from the center of the crotch and out toward the sides, and deposit it right where you're getting your leak at.

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    Default Fabines leaking

    Here is how to fix the problem. Don't buy the fabines. There capacity has gone down in recent years.

    Try Bambino Bellissimo. Space Diapers, Rearz Safari, or Comficare if you can find stock. All are superior.

    I had some a couple months ago and had this exact issue and I wasn't flooding super hard. Space Diapers are especially amazing at quick absorption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BouncyBoy View Post
    Here is how to fix the problem. Don't buy the fabines. There capacity has gone down in recent years.
    I wonder about that - have the fabines gone down, or has their competition gone up ?

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    Well all I can say is I've tried some recently and they are not worth what they cost. I've read some complaints before. They are no longer the mythical diaper they once were.

    I suspect they simply cut costs. Maybe somebody else know more. All I can tell you is what my bed sheets know :-p

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    Hi thanks for all the information sadly it does appear they just simply not as great as they once were the wicking problem certainly seems to be the weak point I find it sad when something like a wellness superio easily beats them in useable capacity let's hope they improve design in the future many thanks.

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    It really seems like fabine is being left behind. A few years ago they were one of the best premium diapers available, but they never really pushed hard to enter the market. They introduced a few different designs but in single runs each, and didn't do any real followup or attempt to get a serious presence worldwide or even just in the USA. With all the other good options available now, locally, and much cheaper, they're really not relevent anymore.

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