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    I have this problem that's been developing with age and that's that I fall asleep in movies. So, to mitigate that, I usually drink a lot of soda during movies at the theater. This of course leads to another problem; then I have to get up and pee.

    The Force Awakens comes out soon and I really don't want to get up midway through. The obvious solution would be tape on a diaper. That would be fine if it were just me and the misses, but we're going with my brothers and I can't think of a good way to cover the fact that I'm wearing one or to change in/out of it if I'm going to wear one that actually does its damn job. Any advice?

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    Try not too drink too much the day of and wear a premium diaper like a dry 24/7 and you'll be fine. I wear them all day at work so unless you're pounding drinks you should be fine.

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    I'm not into caffeine much myself, but how about a good jolt of it through coffee or similar beforehand?

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    Storm Troopers wear diapers. Go dressed as one.

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    if caffeine is what you need, there's a number of places that sell caffeinated goodies that won't flood your water intake. Check walmart etc for Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints. ThinkGeek carries a wide line

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    Try to eat instead of drinking... If you drink, make sure to use the bathroom before the movie and wear one of those pads for small incontinence, it won't show off a lot and you can still use the bathroom during the interval...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    Storm Troopers wear diapers. Go dressed as one.
    Beat me to it, gg my friend

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    Yeah I always was under the impreciation that the people in the theatre that did not go pee during the movie was because they are diapered,after all other than the garbage compactor have you ever seen a bathroom on the death star?
    Similarly where does chewy go on the "falcon".

    And the X wing is just an unfolded diaper, who can resist a blaster to the "junk"?

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    Have you noticed that people in movies and in books, or television, never say, "Excuse me. I have to use the bathroom." So yeah, they must all be diapered! When I wrote my novel, I had my kids having to go to the bathroom because hey, in a haunted house, bathrooms can become scary places. I think Stephen King had his protagonist in a bathroom where he encountered the woman in blood.

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    I have seen every star wars moving when they came out at the theater. and I will be waiting in line for this one to, I don't think there much that would keep me from seeing it at the theater.

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