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    How exactly is one made? Does one simply entirely reverse the pinout of a standard straight-through cable? I am going to need to be making one for connecting a computer to the console port of a Cisco router, and I was wondering how exactly the pinout is (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5, etc., perhaps?) I know the actual crimping and assembly procdedure, all I need to know is the pinout of it.

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    Oh, and the console port is a serial port, NOT an Ethernet port.

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    Not sure yet, as I haven't recieved it yet. I was merely told that I am going to need to have my own rollover cable.

    Edit: Switched "crossover" to "rollover". My mistake.
    Last edited by adaffme149; 20-Feb-2009 at 21:29. Reason: Switched "crossover" to "rollover". my mistake.

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    Well if you're talking about the standard CISCO console port, then it's going to be a RJ-45 to DB-9 cable

    Cable pinout for: Cisco Console RJ45 to DB9 Pin
    Use this cable to configure a Cisco router through the Console port at the router.
    This cable is also suitable to be used with Sun T2000.

    9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE to the Computer

    RJ45 MALE CONNECTOR to the Cisco router

    RJ45 DB9
    RTS 1 8 CTS
    DTR 2 6 DSR
    TXD 3 2 RXD
    GND 4 5 GND
    GND 5 5 GND
    RXD 6 3 TXD
    DSR 7 4 DTR
    CTS 8 7 RTS

    Cisco Console RJ45 to DB9 Pin Cable Pinout - AllPinouts

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    Eh I wouldn't say that really. Most routers and switches these days have auto-switching ports.

    In any case, here's a guide on making a Cat5 patch cable into a crossover cable: LWD - How To Make a Crossover Cable

    If the router supports DD-WRT, I'd use it. You'd probably get a lot out of it with that firmware, as you'll be able to map the WAN switch to the main VLAN and LAN.

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    mm3 did you not read the original post? he said specifically he's trying to connect to the console port on a router. CISCO routers have standard console interface for console and debug features, and it is NOT ethernet.

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    I think I'm going to recieve an adapter to plug the rollover cable into, as in RJ-45 to DB9, so I can just create a standard rollover, and then use the adapter to convert it to DB9. Thank you for the pinout, though, it is appreciated.

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    Not sure yet, as I haven't recieved it yet. I was merely told that I am going to need to have my own crossover cable.
    I guess not, I read this post * and I thought he wanted to make a crossover cable.

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