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Thread: is a Condom Catheter safer

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    Default is a Condom Catheter safer

    Is this like safer way to use one of this or something because seem like it to me with many of video I seen. You apply it like normal Condom but some how it make pee through like normal insert one does. I'm not going use one but find it looking safer and less painful then the other one.

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    I have NO experience with them but I assume its effectively a durable condom with a drain line at the tip, and doesn't require anything to be inserted into your urethra? That alone would seem to greatly reduce the risk of injury, irritation, and possibility of UTI. (and certainly be faster/easier to install/remove/change)

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    They are safer, but it's not really a fair comparison, as they're intended for different purposes. Urine collection sheaths are primarily used for incontinence, as an alternative to nappies. Foley catheters are medical devices intended for situations where the bladder needs to be completely emptied, such as before abdominal surgery, or where the urinary sphincter won't properly open.

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    I have applied these condom Cath's to patients and myself, the newest version by Coloplast are the best I have seen,the older style used to be applied and held in place by a piece of "foam" tape whereas the new ones by Coloplast are contoured and are self adhering as the are unrolled on your penis, you can ask for a sample from the company's website and they will send you like 5 or 6 of them you just need to give them the name of your urologist, actually that company will send samples of almost all there products free to anybody who requests. I use there "speedi cath" intermittent catheters to empty my Bladder 5 times a day.

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    I have found that over time the adhesive on the catheter causes tremendous skin irritation to the penis. The collection devices are prone to detachment and thus leaks .... diapers are easier...or intermittent catheter to keep low blader volume.

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    The other observation (I've only used the older foam tape) style ones, is that the "short hairs" will get caught in the tape no matter how careful you are. You may wish to "trim" yourself down there (a complete shave isn't required). I've also used the old rubber condom style reusable urinal. It's a fine line in adjustment (which you do by cutting the conical shaped sheath) between painfully tight and secure.

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    yeah you don't want a complete shave. there are no words to explain the stubble itch you will experience over the next few days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    yeah you don't want a complete shave. there are no words to explain the stubble itch you will experience over the next few days...
    It was exceedingly unpleasant when I first did it but after about a week of keeping up with it, it felt normal. Actually, it felt better than normal, which is why I've stuck with the chore for so long.

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    Just don't shave up against 'the grain' the first couple of times!

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    Condom catheters are used by divers, ultralight pilots, race car drivers, truckers and many others without the needs or desires of our group. I have used them and liked them until time to remove them, that glue is stronger than the skin on your dick! It is a rite of passage in some of the mentioned groups to tear one off quick like a band-aid but I find I must peal it off slowly during a hot shower.

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